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WUZEI Mini Portable Bicycle Pump 160 PSI High Pressure Cycling Hand Air Pump Mountain Tire Inflator 80g 90g Bicycle Accessory

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WEST BIKING 89G Portable Mini Bicycle Pump MTB Mountain Bike Pump 160 PSI High Pressure Cycling Hand Air Pump Ball Tire Inflator

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WEST BIKING Mini Portable Bike Pump Inflator Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Tire Pump Ultralight 120 Psi High Pressure Cycling Air Pumps (Silver China)

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Multifunctional Snow Wrench 18 In 1 EDC Socket Wrench Outdoor Multifunctional Pocket Portable Repair Small Tool

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WEST BIKING Portable Mini Bike Pump Hose Pocket Pump Presta & Schrader Valve Bike Accessories 150 PSI High Pressure Bicycle Pump

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New Wrench Hand Tools Adjustable Super Wide Wrench Portable Multipurpose Wrench For Work Mini Repair Tools Drop Shipping

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Portable MTB Multipurpose Wrench Multi Tool Screwdriver for Motorcycle Bike (Yellow)

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If you want to know how to increase volume, length, and make your appearance look more attractive, hair extensions are a perfect option. To make them look more natural, you need to choose the right color, and the right finish and cut. If you can, you should find a professional to trim your extensions because they know how to cut them properly and make them look natural.

How to Prepare

Before you start trimming hair extensions, install them first. Install the hair extensions to exactly match the appearance you want them to, and apart the hair as needed to achieve the desired appearance.

If you cut them while they are dry, you will be able to see their color, texture, and shape better. In this way, you can accurately see the length and density of the hair to determine the hairstyle you want. Avoid using standard scissors to cut hair extensions. Instead, it is better to use more specialized tools, as long as you can get them. including hair shears, hair clips, hair pliers and ties, a fine-tooth comb, and a front and back mirror.

Mastering the Tricks

When cutting your own hair extensions, your main goal is to achieve a continuous blend. For this, you must use good cutting tricks. The following four tracks are very effective for blending hair extensions for women:

Point Cutting

A pointcut feathers out the ends of your hair and is perfect for removing blunt lines. To perform this trick, hold the extensions at the ends and cut them upwards into your hair. When making a pointcut, it is important to cut directly upwards in line with your hair, so you only remove thickness instead of the length.


This method is perfect for shaping your hair at the front around your face and adding layers. Consider the natural length of your hair as the shortest layer. Use your fingers to grasp part of the extensions, then cut to the ends from the center carefully, in a diagonal movement. When cutting, close and open the scissors gently instead of drawing them through the hair.

Blunt Cutting

If you have shaped and layered your extensions, you might end up with uneven or wispy ends. In this case, a blunt cut is ideal! Just pull your hair forwards and grasp it with your fingers to guide you. Cut directly across for a blunt look, or use the point-cutting above-mentioned technique for a softer look.

Everyone wants to prevent hair from protruding under the hair extension. A good method to make your extensions blend in especially if you have a blunt cut or shorter hair is to hide the lower part of your hair (that is, the hair under the ears). Make sure that these parts are tightly braided and use an elastic tie to secure the ends. Carefully pin and tuck the braid onto your head, so it lies flat and has no unsightly lumps. If your extensions are the clip-in variety, they can be placed onto a pinned braid directly.

If you don’t know where to buy the best hair extensions and other wigs, our Kameymall offers a variety of options.