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The selection and maintenance of protective shoes should be carried out according to the harmful nature and degree of the working environment. Protective shoes should have a product certificate and product description. Before use, you should read the instructions according to the conditions of use, and the method of use should be correct. Special protective shoes should be checked and kept clean after use and stored in a pollution-free and dry place.

Oil shoes for the area of oil or oil splashing places.

Waterproof shoes are used in working places where the ground is flooded or splashed.

Cold shoes are used to protect the feet of cryogenic workers from frostbite.

Pierce-proof shoes are used to protect the sole of the foot and prevent being stabbed by all kinds of sharp hard objects.

Anti-skid shoes with rubber tendon sole, excellent anti-skid performance.


The main function of anti-hit shoes is to prevent falling objects from hurting the feet. Shoes before the head with good impact resistance, high strength, the lightweight of the metal material to do the lining, its strength, impact resistance to performance to pass the test, reach the specified standards can be used. Pay attention to choosing different strength safety shoes according to the weight of the operation.

Anti-static is mainly used in aviation and aerospace industries to avoid flammable and explosive accidents caused by static electricity.

Insulated shoes can be used as auxiliary safety equipment and labor protection equipment when working on power equipment of AC 50HZ, 1000V and below, or DC 1500V and below.

Steelmaking shoe’s main function is to prevent burning very hot, prick cut should be able to bear certain static pressure and resistance to a certain temperature, not flammable. This kind of shoe is suitable for smelting, furnace, cast iron, etc.

In addition to the above, there is some special shoe cover matching use, such as canvas, asbestos, aluminum film material, etc.


Maintenance Method

Safety shoes need to be properly used and maintained to ensure their effectiveness and maintain the health of the user’s feet. Attention should be paid to the following:

First of all: clean safety shoes regularly, which should pay attention to is not to use solvent as a cleaning agent.

Secondly: Clean the soles frequently to avoid the accumulation of dirt, especially in insulated safety shoes. The electrical conductivity or anti-static efficiency of the soles will be affected by the dirt on the soles, and even endanger life safety.

Again: do not modify the structure of safety shoes at will. Because the structure of formal safety shoes is well designed by the designer to protect personal safety, random transformation may affect the safety index of safety shoes.

Finally: When not using safety shoes, they should be stored in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place. Safety shoes are tools to protect people’s personal safety. They must be carried out carefully in use and maintenance.