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Many novice skaters may not understand the four-wheel skates and inline skates, do not know whether the front and back of the two wheels of the skates or four wheels in a straight line for their skates. This article will popularize the difference between four-wheel roller skating and in-line skating.

Quad skates, also called four-wheel skates, have a stable design. They are characterized by skates or boots, similar to those on skates, with two wheels in the front and two wheels in the back. This design makes it more mobile and provides stability for skaters who are at the level of beginner skills and are learning balance. On the contrary, straight roller skates are characterized by sports boots made of hard plastic and straps used to support the ankles, and their wheels are lined up. This design brings good performance.

The difference between four-wheel skating and inline skating mainly has the following three aspects.



The wheels of four-wheel skates are wider, so they have a larger surface area, which is conducive to the stability of corners and other sports. However, the wheels are smaller than the straight roller skates, coupled with the width, which makes it more difficult to obtain and maintain speed than the straight wheels. Although some roller skates are designed for speed skating, generally speaking, roller skates are slower than straight roller skates. On the plus side, roller skates have softer wheels and provide more grip.


The difference in functional use is made because the four-wheel skates have smaller wheels and more flexible movements, so they are best suitable for dance skating, roller skating, and roller skating disco. However, the larger surface area of the wheels made skating outdoors more difficult. For this reason, four-wheel skates are more suitable for indoor skating. You can use inline roller skates indoors and outdoors, whether it is leisure, exercise or fitness. With the smaller wheel grip of the straight roller skates, it may take some time to learn to use the straight roller skates indoors.



Another main difference between roller skates and inline skates is the brakes. There is a brake on the front of a roller skate, and there is a brake on the back of an inline skate. This means that you can stop the quadrilateral by pushing the toe of the boot down, while for in-line skates you can stop by pushing the foot forward and pressing the heel down. For green hand, learning toe braking is often tricky compared to heel braking. So while quadriceps are friendly for beginners, remember that it may take some time to get the hang of stopping with toe brakes.

Roller skates are known for the classic fun that Americans love, and inline skates are edgy, more suited to wheeled sports than easy rolling. They all require balance and skill.