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Safety footwear can be at an expensive price, which is why it is important to care for your shoes and keep them in top condition. If your work requires safety shoes, they are an investment piece that you will use every day. So please follow our important tips to extend the life of safety shoes.

Not all safety footwear is waterproof, but buying a water-resistant spray and coating your boots can greatly extend their life. If your safety footwear is leather, then it is really important to take care of them. Use a polish or leather conditioner to keep them in good condition. The leather should feel somewhere between oversaturated and completely dry.

If your safety boots are dirty, then you should scrub them with a damp cloth after work. Mud and dust particles can really damage the surface of your boots. You need to clean the surface of the boots once a day or two to reduce the damage caused by external factors. This is not so difficult for you.

Wipe off any signs of scuff marks or stains with a damp cloth and soap, try not to be too harsh on the boots surface, otherwise, this will cause permanent damage to your boots. If a cloth is not working then use a soft brush or an old toothbrush instead.

If your safety footwear is suede, you can use a good solid brush to buff away marks and dirt, be sure to use products specifically for suede to avoid damage to your footwear, and make sure to dry them in a warm place.

Keep in mind, always store safety boots in a warm and dry place instead of putting them in the cold or rain. If boots are new be sure to wear them a few times around the house first to adjust them to fit your own feet.

Therefore, whether you want to replace your current style or purchase your first safety shoes, be sure to read our top tips. There are so many styles, the key is to figure out what you need, and then narrow the scope of safety shoes. Don’t be afraid to carry out research. Any problems should be raised and solved in time.