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Product Information
All products available for shopping agent service displayed on Kameymall are products retrieved from third-party shopping platforms and are not directly sold by Kameymall-Agent. Thus, in case of any infringement issue involved by the aforesaid products, all liabilities incurred shall be borne by the corresponding sellers on the third-party platform while Kameymall-Agent will not undertake any relevant, collateral or joint liability.
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Fee Standards
For the shopping agent order you submit on this page, if the product is from third-party platforms like Xiaohongshu, Dewu, etc., there is a chance that the product cannot be purchased. The product is associated with shipping risks, or an additional service fee might be charged. The actual situation depends on the feedback of our staff.
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Shopping Agent Notes
• Do not accept cigarettes, alcohol, or contraband.
• Do not accept liquids, creams, or cosmetics as they're limited in quantity.
• Chinese medicine can only be shipped by Chinese exporting companies.