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How To Dye Your Human Hair Wig

If you enjoy experimenting with interesting hair color trends and different haircuts to reflect your personality, then cutting and coloring your own hair at home is nothing new for you. But it's time to invest in a few wigs when your real hair badly needs a break but your imagination never takes one. The sole issue? They aren't exactly inexpensive. We can thus assist you if you're wondering how to colour a wig at home but don't want to take the chance of damaging it.


Dye human hair wig steps  

1.Opt for a standard hair coloring

Any drugstore-stocked hair color is acceptable. However, keep in mind that only human hair wigs should be darkened. Avoid attempting to lighten the hair since the bleach used to achieve lighter hair colors might make the wig's hair fragile. Please keep in mind not to color fabrics when using real hair wigs. Use just hair coloring.


2.Using dye

On a few hair strands, test the colour. Apply the color to a tiny part of hair using your fingers or a little paintbrush. This needs to be hidden from plain sight. Wait for 30 or 40 minutes. Apply the color to the remainder of the wig if you like it. Try a new hair dye color if you don't like this one. Also, if you have very sensitive skin, perform an allergy test before dying the wig.


3.Comb your hair through

To evenly disperse the color throughout the wig, use a comb or wig brush. Ensure that the colour is applied uniformly over the whole wig. The coloured hair will seem more natural as a result. Let the color dry after that. For information on how long you should leave it, read the dye's packaging. This will often take thirty to forty minutes.


4.Hair washing

Cleanse the wig. Use wig-specific shampoo or a shampoo that is color-safe. Before shampooing the wig, run it under the faucet with warm water to remove any leftover colour. After using the shampoo, rinse it out.


5.Let the wig fully dry

Put conditioner on the wig's tips. Your wig will have more shine as a result. Avoid applying any conditioner close to the wig's roots since doing so might cause the hair to come out. Put the conditioner through a cool or lukewarm water rinse. After that, use a towel to pat the hair dry. Use the cloth to gently squeeze the wig to wring out extra water. Reposition it to dry on the wig stand.


Final words

If you are interested in learning more about the best way to dye human hair wigs or others, you should certainly get in touch with Kameymall. Here, you will find the answer.

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