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How To Take Care Of Your Air Track Mat

Are you prepared to exercise? Fitness air track mats that are unclean are unfit for use, they are unhygienic. Let's look at the various ways to clean and sterilize your mat so you can make sure it's clean and hygienic for your upcoming workout, depending on the size of your mat.

Reasons for taking care of the air track mat

When you see a stain or shoe mark on the air track mat, your first reaction is to take a rag and wipe it off, which is a good habit, but what about those stains that you can't see? After all, when people use the air tumbling track for core training or exercises, they put their hands, feet, and maybe their faces on the mat. So picture the bacteria, sweat, and filth that could get on our mats. Also, your air track might become a growing surface for these bacteria.


While the air track mat is undoubtedly ready for anything, if you don't clean and sanitize it after every usage, you're enabling dirt and bacteria to live on and in the mat. You are ensuring that your mat stays in good condition throughout time in addition to the routine cleaning that is required. Also, if your mat is used by many people, you should disinfect it. By doing this, you will have a more comfortable experience when you use it next time.



Different ways of washing an air track mat

  1. Clean up the small area

First, you need to pick up two cups of water, then add 4 drops of detergent to the water, stir well and put it into a spray bottle. Second, spray the water on the stain of the air track and dry it with a dry cloth. This method is suitable for daily cleaning in case of small stains, which is easier and more convenient.



  1. Large areas need to be cleaned

Add water to the basin, then add the right amount of washing liquid and mix the water and washing liquid well. Then, put the towel into the water and wet it. Wipe the air track with the towel and wipe the dirt until the washing liquid is clean. Finally, put the air track in a cool and ventilated place to dry. Be careful not to expose the air track pad to sunlight, otherwise the air track will crack.




If you take proper care of the air track mat, it will last longer. In addition, we advise you choose a high quality mat material, since it will not only improve your workout, but also last a long time. Therefore, it appears that the time has come for you to make a decision. Is it worthwhile to get an air track mat? If you're serious about finding the ideal air track mat, you may visit Kameymall for additional information.



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