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Ursula Andress: The Ultimate Bikini Goddess

Have you ever heard of Ursula Andress? She is a great actress in the Hollywood film world. She has created many classical roles in her acting career. Her first role is Honey Ryder in the movie Dr. No, which has been praised by many producers and moviegoers. There is a bikini that helped her play her role well. It is not a colorful bikini or a high waisted cheeky bikini. Instead, it is a white bikini. Do you want to know more about it? Come to read the following part together.

A new start by a bikini

Ursula Andress was born on March 19th, 1936 in Swiss. She is one of the six children in a German Protestant family. When she was young, this little girl had a great desire for the world out of Swiss. When she grew older, she came to Rome and made a living by being an art model.

In 1955, she went to Hollywood to pursue a better career. She was not a professional actress at the very beginning. Therefore, she didn’t get many good roles at that time. The year of 1962 witnessed great achievements in her acting career. She played the role of Honey Ryder, a beautiful shell collector, in the movie Dr. No. She wore a white bikini, coming out of the sea, which impressed moviegoers greatly. After seeing this scene, many people thought that she was a bikini goddess. This role helped her achieve improvements in the acting career. She achieved financial freedom and had more freedom in choosing acting roles.

Since then, she starred in many great movies, including What’s New Pussycat in 1965, The Blue Max in 1966 and The Fifth Musketeer in 1979. These great works rose her fame and helped her achieve more success in her career and life. It is fair to say that the role of Honey Ryder in a white bikini brought a new start to her life.

The life is not new, but the feeling is

Although you are not like Ursula Andress who enjoyed a new start, you can still wear a white bikini to enjoy a new feeling. Come to Kameymall which will help you achieve that.

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