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How To Prolong Your Human Hair Wig’s Lifespan

When it comes to a human hair wig, you want it to look its best. You already know you have to wash and take good care of the wig, but it can be confusing to figure out how to delay its lifespan. To help you with your home wig care routine, we've listed the precautions associated with its use, so read on!


What is human hair wig 

Human hair wigs are made from real human hair. They primarily hail from China, India, and Europe. Human hair wigs or hair extensions can cost significantly more than synthetic hair, especially when you consider the different hair kinds that are utilized and processed. To better understand why human hair might be expensive, you can learn about the processing of human hair here. However, human hair wigs continue to be superior to synthetic hair in terms of quality.


It actually depends on your budget and hairstyle, whether synthetic or human hair is best for you. Quality synthetic hair wigs are far more cheap than premium real hair wigs and come in a variety of designs. The drawback is that using just one synthetic hair wig won't let you switch your look; you'll need to buy numerous which might get pricey. When it comes to premium human hair wigs, you may use this one for a while and style it in a variety of ways.


How to prolong your wigs lifespan

Here are some other ways to extend the life of your wig and make your wig look as vibrant as if you just bought it:


  1. Put it on a wig stand or in its full storage box when not being worn. This will help keep it looking shiny and prevent the hair strands from getting tangled up with each other.
  2. Avoid using hot water or salt water for washing to prevent any damage to the hair strands and damage to the hair fiber. We recommend using lukewarm water to clean it, along with a safe cleanser.
  3. Be careful what tools you use to style your wig. Depending on the style and texture, you may want to use a heated styling tool such as a curling iron or straightener to do the styling. Doing so can actually damage the hair easily.
  4. It is always known that the more careful and gentle you are with your human hair wig, the longer it will last. If you need to wear, remove, clean, care, remember to be gentle with the wig, do not be too rude.


Final words

If you are interested in learning more about the best ways to extend the lifespan of your human hair wig, you should certainly get in touch with Kameymall. We are committed to providing professionals to handle your questions.

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