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Some Tips To Buy Wigs That Looks Real

For anyone who has experienced total or partial hair loss, a wig can be a total confidence booster. However, buying a wig only to find it looks fake or “ancient” can leave you feeling frustrated; no one wants to look like they're wearing a wig.


Tips for women to buy wigs

This is where buying human hair wigs for women becomes tricky. What should you look for in a wig to ensure it looks natural? We've got the features you need to look for to find wigs that look authentic, natural and beautiful.

There are four tips for buying wigs.


Tip 1: Look for wigs with mono filament or hand-tied caps

Looking for wigs with mono filament tops is a sure way to find wigs that look authentic. Mono filament caps are made by tying the hairs individually to a mesh area of one part of the wig. Hand-tied wigs also give you this benefit, but the whole cap is hand-tied, not just the top section; this creates a very natural look and makes the wig more comfortable. Click here to shop for mono filament wigs.


Tip 2: Buy a wig with a lace front

A lace front is created by hand tying each strand of hair to a lace or mesh along the wig's hairline. This gives your wig the appearance of a natural hairline, giving a realistic look and allowing you to do your hair in your face. On a wig without fringes, the lace front is key to creating the most authentic look. While some people like lace fronts, others find them uncomfortable. If your wig has bangs that cover your hairline, there is no need to use a lace front to get a realistic look. Click here to shop for lace front wigs.


Tip 3: Pick the perfect hair color

Single colour wigs can sometimes give a 'bland' look. A wig colour with highlights can add dimension to your wig and create a more realistic look. You may also want to consider choosing a 'root' wig colour, or a wig with roots that are darker than the rest of the hair on the wig. Find out more about root wigs here.


Tip 4: Buy from a reputable wig seller

To ensure you always get a high quality, realistic wig, make sure you buy from a trusted wig shop that sells name brand wigs. If you shop from a deceptive retailer, you could end up with a cottage or poor quality wig.



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