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How To Wash Your Human Hair Wigs

How to clean a human hair wig is a concern for every woman who uses a wig. Having a human hair wig washed in the right way can prolong the life of the wig. Today we will share with you how to get a human hair wig cleaned step by step.

Steps for washing human hair wigs

Step 1 Wash the human hair wig

Start combing or brushing the wig from the ends of the hair. Use different tools depending on the hairstyle. Like wavy hair, use a wide tooth comb, but for straight wavy hair, use a brush. When the knot in the hair is free, you can go all the way to the root until your brush or comb goes through it without getting stuck. Then, put some shampoo in the warm water you prepared in the sink. Please do not apply shampoo directly to the human hair wig, as this may damage the cuticle of the wig. You can use soapy water to wash your wig.


Remember, you better not use a two-in-one shampoo because the conditioner should not be too close to the roots, just like our own hair. Finally, wash the shampoo with fresh, warm water until all the shampoo is gone. Please do not use hot water as this will damage the hair fiber. If you have a thick wig, you can wash it more often.



Step 2 Dry your human hair wig

First, put the wig cap on the right side and gently squeeze out the water. Do not twist or twist the fibers while squeezing out the water. Because this will cause the hair to tangle or fragile breakage. One thing to note, never comb the wig when it is wet.


Next, use a dry towel to absorb the excess water. Let the dry towel cover the hair and press the towel to make sure that the water in the hair is completely absorbed. After that, gently open the towel and remove the wig. Spray some conditioning spray on your wig, which will help it avoid tangling.


Step 3 Do your hair and maintain your wig

Once you have drained the moisture from the wig with a dry towel, you need to leave the wig in a dry place and wait until it has dried completely and naturally before you can comb it. Start combing the ends of the wig to avoid tangles. We recommend that you do not use a hairdryer. It is okay to use it occasionally if you are in a hurry, but if you use it often, this can cause damage to your wig.


Secondly, when you are not wearing your wig, you can put it on a wig stand. This way, the wig can keep a good shape. Usually, after about three weeks, you can wash it. More frequent washing is not good for the wig. Wigs are just like any other product, the more you use them, the shorter their life span. The more you wash it, the more likely the cuticle will be damaged. So make sure you wash it as often as necessary.



If you are concerned about learning more about the best way to wash your human hair wigs, you should certainly get in touch with Kameymall. We promise to provide a specialist to handle your problem.

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