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For kids, fashion elements are also required, being and staying cool is very important. This is one of their sources of confidence and self-esteem. It may become very easy to improve their self-confidence, make friends and stay motivated for education.

In order to become a cool kid that is able to stand out from his peers, fashion and styling must be top-notch. And one of the quickest and most effective methods is to have a pair of cool shoes. And Of course, with a pair of the latest light-up shoes for kids, your kids will be able to stand out from the crowd and shout out that they are cool. Take as an example and prepare to enter a world of endless possibilities.

Since the early 1990s, light-up shoes or LED (Light Emitting Diode) shoes have actually been available. At that time, some sports stars and their most important figures have begun to enjoy a high reputation around the world. With the increasing influence of their fame, people also began to pay attention to their gears and clothes as well as their shoes. Therefore, many shoe manufacturers started to take notice and immediately took advantage of the growing trend and began to design and sell all kinds of sneakers. Since then, various business opportunities have begun to emerge, from inflatable shoes, convertible shoes to waterproof sports shoes, until bright led shoes are created and introduced into the market.

LED Shoes are really attractive, and they are not bad in terms of design. LED shoes are basically similar in all aspects to regular sneakers, except that a bright LED bulb is installed inside the sole of the shoe, and the bulb will light up when the wearer steps and puts pressure on it. It was so popular at that time that every child already had at least 1 pair of led light shoes until safety and power issues began to affect their reputation. People began to complain that frequent battery replacement is very worthless because of its low capacity. Also, concerns about its’ safety started to make people afraid of it as there were cases when kids got hurt from the mercury inside the batteries. From then on, the popularity of led shoes began to decline until they were eliminated.

Fortunately, LED shoes have made their biggest comeback ever nowadays. With more dazzling, stylish, and cool features to show, they have begun to occupy trend charts. Additionally, In addition, due to the help of the completely mercury-free USB rechargeable battery, the worrying safety issue has been excellently resolved now. And additional features of the new LED shoes include:

USB charging, Up to 10 hours

Multi-Color LED lights with series lighting functions (yellow, green, red, pink, blue, white )

Waterproof soles and led bulbs

Due to the improvement of today’s technology, LED shoes have made their greatest comeback and are definitely going to be the coolest shoes for all kids. To be honest, kids-led shoes are a kind of Ideal gift for your kids.