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Safety Shoes

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How to Make Safety Shoes Fit Your Feet Well


If you spend most of your time at work, comfort is essential to ensure that you spend every day safely and effectively at work. Before you order the next pair of safety shoes online or buy them from a store, please refer to the following methods to obtain the most suitable ones.


Know about foot structure

The human foot contains one-quarter of the bones found in the human body. In addition to 26 bones, it also contains, “33 joints, 19 muscles, 10 tendons and 107 ligaments.” Feet are the basic parts of the human body, so it is important to give them proper support.


Through allowing for ample space around the toes, ensuring that the heel is secure and stable within the shoe, and giving proper support to the arch of the foot, stress and foot fatigue can be minimized.


Side effects of inappropriate shoes

Inappropriate shoes can not only cause skin irritations but it can lead to stress fractures, numbness, tingling, back pain, fatigue and many more side effects. Not only can they damage the structure of the feet, but also the health of the body.When the feet is not properly supported, it can increase the risk of rolled ankles, slipping, tripping. If the safety shoes are not suitable for the individual, it can even cause serious injury.


Our suggestion

Are you looking for a pair of suitable safety shoes? We recommend that you consult an specialist before placing an order. Be sure to wear or bring the type of socks you typically wear on the job, as this can impact the fitting process and result.


Make sure the specialist completes the following steps

1.) Measure both feet to determine difference in foot structure and length, for60% of people have one foot that is bigger than the other. By analyzing the difference in foot size, the specialist recommends choosing the size that fits the larger of the two to ensure overall comfort.

2.) Do you have a high, low, or no arch? Arch structure varies from person to person, so the support requirements for shoes are also different. Proper support reduces foot pain and increases comfort as it make pressure distribute evenly.

3.) Understand your daily activities at work. When discussing with a specialist, ensure that you discuss not only your job role, but the specific physical activities you engage in the work, like lifting, walking, or standing for long time. This will help them determine the type of support and cushioning that are suitable for you.

4.) The volume of the foot changes at different times of the day. Feet swell between morning and afternoon, so by ensuring that you have enough space to adapt to this change, you can feel comfortable throughout the day.


Choose a suitable shoes for work

A pair of suitable work safety shoes is very essential for those who work in a workplace with potential dangerous.Kameymall provides lots of types of these shoes, you will have a good shopping experience and get the suitable ones.