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In today’s article, I will share all the information on how to make your hair extensions last longer. Let us learn how to take care of our clip-in extensions and treat them as luxury investments!

1. Successfully set up your extension.

Now, depending on the shape of your natural hair, you may need to quickly trim your hair extensions. If you have no experience in this, I definitely recommend that you take them to your hairstylist, who can trim them according to your natural hair to get the best blending effect. This will ensure that the hair extension blends perfectly with your natural hair.

2. How to store clip-in hair extensions.

This may be the most important step to make your hair extensions last longer. After each wearing, please brush out your extensions with an extension brush, then close the clips and store them safely.

You only need to clip your extensions into the hanger, then tighten them. This protects them from dust, breakage, and other external factors that could damage your set. This also makes them very easy to store – just pop them onto your closet rack and let them hang until you plan to use them again!

If you dont have the right bags, just place the tracks one on top of the other, and store them flat wherever you have space. If your storage space is dusty (like a closet), wrapping your hair with paper towels will minimize dust and breakage.

3. How to clean hair extensions.

The nice thing about wearing clip-in hair extensions is that they don’t need to be washed nearly as much as our natural hair! But in order to keep the best, you really need to wash them often.

4. How to update the old version.

If you start to lose your fresh feel in your extension, never fear! You can do something to refresh them.

Use the shine spray when your hair extensions look dull and need an additional boost – it peps them up instantly! The shine spray can also be used as a heat protectant, so I’d definitely recommend using it before heating up for styling.

If you’ve washed your clip-in extensions a few times and they’re starting to look drab, the deep conditioner is needed. This stuff is rich in proteins and extracts to restore moisture, de-frizz, and reduce breakage. It’s suitable for all types of hair – I also like to make a small hair mask on my natural hair and treat my hair extensions at the same time.

Precautions for hair extensions.

Here are some tips and tricks learned about human hair extensions. If you want to know how to make your wigs last longer, these are very useful little secrets!

Do: Use a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner. Ensuring it is a moisturizing product will ensure they keep soft and shiny.

Dont: Use a volumizing shampoo/conditioner. This will immediately remove moisture from the hair and turn it brittle and dry.

Do: When you notice that the ends of your hair are dry or show any signs of breakage, trim your hair gently. This will keep both ends healthy and strong!

Dont: Use hair oil before heat setting. Oil literally fries the hair! (Although there are a few oils in the beauty world that are specially formulated for heating.) This also applies to your natural products!