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It is generally believed that gluing down the hairline is currently the best way to melt the lace into our scalp. It can also help you better fix the hair wigs and avoid slipping in public.

When the glue is applied to the hair, we should carefully remove the wig instead of rudely ripping it off from our heads.

Now let’s follow the steps:

First, tie the lace wigs up into a ponytail.

This is to avoid accidentally getting adhesive directly on the hair. The ponytail hair allows you to clearly see the lace seams.

Next, choose either an oil-based or an alcohol-based adhesive remover.

If you are using a remover containing alcohol, apply it using a small adhesive application brush, do not spray directly on your hair or toward your face. This remover may irritate your skin if it is sensitive.

After using the alcohol remover, allow it to sit for a few minutes. In the end, the seam will begin to peel away by itself. Then apply more remover to the underside.

If you are using an oil-based remover, you can spray it directly along the wig seam. Because it will not make your skin dry, you can also use this to get rid of adhesive from your skin, too. After spraying this adhesive remover, wash it off the wig with shampoo and cold water.

After you have finished using any remover, gently but firmly peel the seam away from your face. Start from one side and work slowly to the other side.

When the seams have completely peeled off, carefully remove the wig from the head. If you feel that the adhesive on the wig has not been completely removed, you can clean it with a scouring pad.

Afterward, place the wig on your wig stand or head model to allow it to keep its shape.

Finally, wash your face with soap and warm water to make sure there is no residual adhesive on it.