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It is not Easy to Curl a Heatfriendly Synthetic Fiber

Curling your heat-friendly synthetic item may be a little boring or bring some challenges. But, you dont need to worry, as usual, we will guide you to curl your heat-friendly synthetic hair. But you have to remember that not all synthetic fibers are heat-friendly. Regular synthetic pieces cant withstand heat at all and will melt if brought around any heat. If you do curl a regular synthetic hairpiece, it will scorch.

On the other hand, a heat-friendly synthetic fiber can withstand low heat. Heat-friendly fibers should be curled or straightened with a heating tool that does not exceed 350 degrees. Keep in mind, you can only alter heat-friendly fibers with heat. If you wash your piece, it will maintain the previous style until you choose to straighten/curl it. The more heat is added to any fiber, the more the piece will deteriorate. We recommend buying two identical heat-friendly styles to help them last longer. And it’s best to be one curl and one straight.

To curl a heat-friendly fiber, the following items are required:

Shampoo And Conditioner

Heat Thermal Spray

Ceramic Curling Iron

Wide Tooth Comb

Styling Clips

First, you need to wash your piece with soft shampoo and conditioner, this is served for the next steps.

Once clean, spray your piece with heat thermal spray to protect your item from any heat damage.

Set your curling tool to less than 350 degrees.

While your tool is heating, section your piece and hold the sections down with styling clips. It is time to curl the wigs!

When curling the hair, wrap your hair around the curling iron and count to 15. This will allow the heat to penetrate the hair and curl it. You will then release the hair from the curling iron. Use the styling clip to hold the shape of the curl and attach it to the cap until cool. You can also hold the curl in your hand till it cools. You can continue to repeat these steps according to your needs. You will eventually be satisfied with the curly wig you made.

When you finish all steps, you can release the curls and separate them to your desired style. The more you separate the curls the more voluminous your hair will be.

If you follow the above steps, your curly wigs are complete. If you want to know more about wig styling, we will continue to blog more. It is an honor for us that you can come and read.