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Loose shoelaces of safety shoes seem harmless, they are a potential tripping hazard, and they pose a major threat to workers’ foot health, and the possibility of workplace injuries to workers is very high.

But in fact, it is very dangerous for workers to loosen or untie shoelaces for comfort: creating more stress on their feet by providing them with a lack of support. Fully laced and tied safety shoes keep heels locked into position and provide feet and ankles with important support sprained ankles are a common workplace injury and if employees are wearing work safety boots when the sprain occurs. It is likely that they did not fully lace up their shoes, so their boots did not provide them with useful protection, making their ankles turn. The lack of support from loose or untied laces can also lead to foot pain and by association leg and back strain, as well as MSD (musculoskeletal disorders).

And untied or loose shoelaces are likely to be caught by machines and equipment and even snagging on seemingly harmless work surfaces like skids and shelving. These can cause very severe work injuries.

As an employer, monitoring for untied or loose shoelaces can and should be incorporated into health & safety procedures and be part of the basic safety guidelines.

As for lacing itself, the best way is to fully lace up all safety shoes and safety boots. This means lacing all eyelets in the safety footwear starting from the toe to the ankle. The most common lacing technique is the criss-cross or over-under technique and tying them with a single or double knot. There is a range of other lacing techniques designed for various foot shapes and potential foot issues.

In short, whenever workers wear safety shoes, they should frequently check whether their safety belts are loosened. If so, they should be fastened in the correct way immediately to eliminate potential hazards in time. Of course, our Kameymall website also provides you with a variety of safety shoes for customers to purchase, and we will regularly update the product blogs to help you understand them better.

At Kameymall, we are committed to helping workers get the best fitting, most comfortable safety shoes and work boots so they remain productive and protected. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact our online customer service.