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Summer will come here, and many people may ask some common questions, can I bring air track mats into the swimming pool? Yes, of course. Our mats are made of high-quality materials, which can make the mats float successfully. In addition, the manual air pump can inflate in 3 minutes, and the electric air pump can inflate in 30 seconds. As long as you take good care of them properly, their shelf life will be longer.


Air Track

Doing gymnastics exercises on an air track in the pool will increase the difficulty of each skill because you have to readjust on the unstable mat. This is a great way to strengthen known skills. Before entering the swimming pool, all these skills should have a good foundation. Learn it with a professional coach to practice it carefully and safely, then throw the air mat into the swimming pool and start mastering these 4 gymnastics exercises.


Back Handsprings

Back handsprings are cool learning skills, let alone on a floating air track tumbling mat. However, it is dangerous if you don’t have the skill mastered on solid ground. So, be sure to consult a professional before doing so and get ready to relearn this trick you have already master.

Back Flips (Back Tuck)

If you think a game of back tuck “Stick-It” is tough on the spring floor, just wait until you try to take it to the pool. Under normal circumstances using an inflatable air track for gymnastics offers the bounce, explosion, and height – changing our mats into water air track mats means that all energy will be absorbed directly into the swimming pool.

In fact, this means that you better jump higher and get ready to get wet. Give yourself enough space.

Arabian Flips

So here is a trick you need to know, the bigger the air track mat is, the more stable your training will be. For tricks like the Arabian, consider an AirTrack P2, AirTrack P3, or Spark tumbling mat for the pool. Those larger mats will provide more space and more stability to make it easier for you to master any higher level of water gymnastics skills.

What you need to note is that although our mats are durable, they are not indestructible. There is always a risk of damage if you take out the air mat from the gym. Luckily, all our air track mats come with repair kits, a simple and easy fix for any holes that may happen.

Air Track at the Lake

The advantage of using the air track as a floating gymnastics mat is the fact that it is extremely versatile and compact. You can easily pack it and take it anywhere, or for ambitious users of air track, the next one might be ocean or lake gymnastics.