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Have you seen those light-up shoes when you were a kid? If you have done, show them off to your friends, led shoes were the craze for kids in the 1990s.

How did these shoes become high-tech products?

The First Sneakers

Before introducing the sneakers, the shoes were very uniform. Since there was no difference between the left and right shoes.

In 1917, the first rubber sole shoe was introduced. With the quieter rubber sole, these shoes were considered “sneakers”.

Although the original design was for the sports market, the comfort of these new shoes made them popular in everyday use.

Technology and Fashion

Soon, some companies began to sell more expensive product lines. Sports shoes are now colorful, with well-designed logos that make them look more charming.

Podiatrists began to work with companies to design better shoes for athletes in order to reduce injuries and improve performance. Inflatable shoes were created in 1990, aiming to customize shoes according to the shape of the wearer’s feet.

Led Craze Begins

The led shoe craze began in 1992. Kids’ sneakers would have lights at the heel of their shoes and shoes will light up as long as a certain pressure is applied to the soles.

However, the early led sneakers had design flaws, which led to their rapid disappearance. The mercury content in the battery is not safe. This fact allowed many parents to be afraid of this pair of shoes. Over time, the public gradually lost interest in led sneakers.

The Transformation of Led Shoes

Kids in the 1990s are now adults who miss the magical sneakers of their youth. For some of them, the sneakers brought lots of fun to them. And now, Led sneakers are better than ever!

Thanks to the expansion of led shoes, both children and adults can wear this kind of shoes!

Don’t you want to keep them lighting up all the time? No problem! Save your battery for those awesome raves by turning off the switch.

Wear them to parties, festivals, and raves. Several different LED color options and 2~3 led patterns built into a durable rubber sole make these shoes the perfect party accessory! It can last for 6 hours after a full charge.

Keep Safe

In addition, led sneakers can be worn in your daily life, it will be safer when running at night in them. With the bright LED lights, there is no worrying over whether or not a driver sees you.

Catch driverseyes. It is difficult for many drivers to see cyclists on the road. Avoid the risk of not being seen! The bright LED lights will help pinpoint your location and allow drivers to stay a comfortable and safe distance away.

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