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The Best Air Track Tumbling Mat For Sports training

Air track mat is a kind of inflatable and thick rectangular surface,which is used for many sports skills like jumping,tumbling and so on.Research shows that each of these products are designed to promote health and encourage physical movements both at home as well as at work. And they are cushioned and designed to reduce high impact injuries that could occur during a performance or during practice. Moreover, they are not just for gymnasts, and used in many sports markets. The flexible surface and the unique structure allow you to jump higher and with more energy. Most of them can also be used on water. They are rather useful! More
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What is an air track?

Airtracks are a kind of inflatable mats that come with different thicknesses, colors, sizes and shapes. And they can be deflated and folded up for easy transportation. Now, they have been widely used in gymnastics training, dance, parkour, and even cheerleading.

With the help of this good friend, you can do any skill freely and land on the surface softly without worrying about getting hurt. If you are curious about this equipment, here are some common FAQs about airtrack mat that you can know more about it.


1.Air tracks vs traditional tumble tracks

Traditional ones also provide cushioning, but their function is more similar to trampolines, which have the same working principles. The air track creates cushioning and provide both spring and resistance through the air.

Using traditional tumble track does not require installation of power supplies and are less costly. In contrast, inflatable air tracks require manual or electric power to inflate, but they are easy to store because they can be unfolded and folded into a small dimension.

The above is about the difference between the mats. If you want to improve your practice level and keep safe during the training, you need to know why choosing a good air track is so important.


2.Are these mats safe for home use?

The answer is yes, these mats are very suitable for home use because they are so portable that they can be deflated for storage and transportation. You can put the mat outdoors to practice at any time or deflate and fold it up when it is not in use.


3.What kind of pressure should I choose?

You need to consult the user manual and make sure how much the proper pressure is before setting up it. Because the proper pressure depends upon the users’ weight and the type of exercise with the airtrack tumbling mat.



How Much Is A Gymnastics Mat

The price of these mats depends on their material, brand, size, etc and usually ranges from $200 to $1,000, some are even more than $1,000. Of course, you need to consider carefully before choosing a mat.



What Size Tumble Track Should I Get

1.How much does an air track mat weigh?

The brand, size, and materials used are all important factors that affect air track mats weigh. Although these mats are often light when deflated and can be transported, this does not mean that they have the same weight.

In addition, you will find that the weight varies greatly, ranging from 20 pounds to 45 pounds.


2.How long can an air track mat last?

There is no doubt that the tumbling mats that are used often may not be as durable as occasionally used ones. And the way how you care for the mat will affect its lifespan, too.



Where To Buy Gymnastics Mats

If you don't know where to buy good inflatable gymnastics mat, Kameymall provides a variety of options to help you buy the right one. Finally, we hope you have a good shopping experience here!