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Replacing the Battery

When you find that the led light can’t emit light, the first thing you need to do is to check your shoes to see if the battery compartment is accessible. Different light up shoes batteries is installed in different positions. Some batteries can be accessed from the bottom and some from the one side on the heel.

Get ready for a nail file, screwdriver, or knife to open the battery casing, and find out the type of battery your shoes require. If the batteries are unique, please contact the seller to purchase them, then replace and cover them up again.

Reconnecting LED Wires

If the shoes still don’t light up after replacing the battery, please check if some wires are disconnected. Investigate the interior wiring to find out where there is a disconnected connection.

In addition, you are supposed to inspect the connection linking the LED strip and the battery. Is the wire connecting the charger and battery lost?

In some cases, the wires can be accessed after removing the factory insole of your shoes. Make sure that wires are in their correct position and that they are not broken. After fixing the wires, test the shoes before replacing the insole.

Boosting the Connection

Sometimes the wires and batteries may be in the best condition, but the led shoes will not light up anyway. The root of the problem could be traced to a weak connection. Even you may find out that the battery is not touching the terminal.

First press the battery to see if the gap between the terminal and the battery can be bridged. If this still doesn’t work, please fill the gap between them with foam, fabric, cardboard, or a piece of stick.

If you have repaired your shoes and they still do not work properly, or if you are concerned about greater damage to the shoes after repairing, please pack them and go to your local shoe store for inspection.

The shoe store attendant may detect some other damages and help you repair them. They may also advise you on how to keep led shoes and extend their lifespan.