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What is an air track? Air track is an air-filled mat that provides a cushioned landing while learning, practicing and perfecting skills. These airtracks are often used in sports like gymnastics, parkour, wrestling, tumbling, yoga, and so on! These are becoming more and more popular in home practice to ensure as much safety as possible during any exercise at home.


What Size air Track Suits You?

What air track size is best for me? This is one of the most common problems. It may be difficult for you to judge which airmat is best for you. Here, we will introduce the air track size guide. The size difference and its best use can help you choose the size that suits you.
AirTrack 10The AirTrack 10 is 3x10x4, which is very suitable for practicing in a small space. It offers a mat long enough for small backyards, gyms, and studios. This mat weighs approximately 30lbs with the foot pump and comes in a carrying bag that is easy to transport. This allows for easy travel so you can bring them to the gym everywhere!
AirTrack 13Similar to air track 10, air track 13 is also suitable for training in small spaces, but this one adds 3 feet to those who need extra space. This air track with a foot pump weighs 37 pounds but is still lightweight, it is suitable for almost all ages and sizes to carry in a handbag.
AirTrack 16The air track 16 measures 3x16x4, which is very suitable for the gym environment as well as the big backyards. This length allows for more tricks to be done in one pass or add a transition such as roundoff before starting a pass. The weight of the mat together with the foot pump is about 45 pounds, which may require some extra strength, but it is still very light and can be carried with you.
AirTrack 16 ProThe air track 16 Pro measures 3x16x8 weigh about 78 pounds with an electric pump. This kind of mat is more suitable for gymnasiums or those large open areas. This air track mat would suit best for a higher-level gymnast who wants to be able to practice a pass with more than one skill or add roundoff into it.Compared with regular mats, the special thing about Pro is its thickness. The increased depth of the mat allows more bounce and cushioning. These special mats are best for those who are just starting to learn more difficult tricks such as front and backflips.
AirTrack 20The AirTrack 20 measures 3x20x4 and weighs about 55 pounds with the foot pump. This is a bit difficult for some young children to carry, but it is still compact enough to fit in a smaller space. This is the perfect size for higher-level athletes who need the extra space for practice.
AirTrack 20 ProThe air track 20 Pro measures 3x20x8, weighs approximately 95 pounds. The weight of this mat would be suitable for older people to ensure no injuries when carrying or have someone help carry it. This length is perfect for practicing harder skills and passing in the gym or studio. Similar to the air track 16 Pro, this is the best air track for higher-level athletes who need extra space.
What is the best size air track?
There is no “best size” airtrack. Some air tracks are more suitable for some people rather than everyone. Everything depends on your needs.