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Zorb Ball

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Zorb Ball Transparent High Quality 1.5m Clear PVC Bubble Football Zorb Ball Kameymall

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Zorb Ball New Design Orange Dot Zorb Ball 1.5m Bubble Soccer Kameymall

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Zorb Ball Outdoor Bubble Soccer Transparent Tear-Resistant For Hot Sale

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Zorb Ball Blue 1.5m Bubble Soccer Half Children Outdoor For Sale Kameymall

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Zorb Ball Funny Bundle Outdoor Bubble Soccer Family Sports Kameymall

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Bubble Soccer Zorb Ball Toy Fun Party Game Football Game Kameymall

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Bubble Soccer Best Set Bubble Football Games Indoor Outdoor To Fun Kameymall

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Zorb Ball Inflatable Transparent Zone Body Large Bubble Soccer Suit For Sale

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Various Zorbing Activities


If you like adventurous activities that can make you feel nervous and excited, then zorbing is your best choice. As zorbing becomes more and more popular with people, various related activities have also been designed. For those who like this sport, these activities create opportunities for them.


What is the zorbing?

Zorbing is a new extreme sport. Its essence is to overcome some paths inside transparent spheres. In simple terms, a person is placed in a two-layer transparent sphere and performs arbitrary movements on different surfaces.


Aqua zorbing

If you prefer getting wet while rolling down a hill, this is the nice selection for you. Drop down from a steep incline into a pool of water, while you are fixed in a lively and mischievous bubble. When you experience an adrenaline rush like nothing you would have seen or known before. you will probably fall in love with this process and be willing to experience more activities related to it.


Water zorbing

Do you want to walk on the water? We can give you a chance to roll over. When you use your strength and balance to bring yourself to the other end. Remember that balance will play an important role in determining whether you see the horizon or are too busy tumbling on your back.


Land zorbing

Rush down the grassy slopes alone or with important others while experiencing the best journey you expect. This kind of game is not for everyone, you need a very strong heart to get through the few seconds it takes for this giant ball to slide down the slope.


Roller Zorbing

If you participate in this activity, you need to rely on your partners to help you through the difficulties. Step on the pedal, fall, push but move the ball forward, otherwise you will be trapped in the middle. There is nothing but your acuity, unable to help you ashore. In this activity, teamwork, strength and health will play an absolutely key role to help you through the difficulties.


Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is a kind of inflatable zorb soccer where you stay a bubble and play against an opponent keen to knock you off your feet when you try to score a goal. Your spontaneity, team work, decision-making ability and your balance will be put to the hard test as you “Messi” your way through the field on your feet or in your zorb soccer ball.


With so many zorb activities, everyone can find their own fun. Therefore, not only do adults have a lot of activities, but also many children can enjoy these zorb activities as much as possible.


How much is a zorb ball?

No matter what you need, we will try our best to meet your needs. Browse through our fabulous inventory, and get ready for an event you’ll never be able to forget. and the price is usually between 300 and 800 $ of a good zorb ball sold online.


Buy a ball for zorbing

Kameymall provides a number of balls for zorbing that come with different sizes, you will find the suitable one easily.