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How To Protect Yourself At The Construction Site (Chapter 2)

Dec, 18, 2021

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This article will continue to introduce how to protect yourself on the construction site and don't forget to buy safety shoes. Safety shoes for women or for man is both very important!

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Protect yourself

1. The power supply and distribution box of electric drill, electric hammer, electric welding machine, and other motor tools must be equipped with leakage protection device and good grounding protection ground wire. All motor tools and cables must be inspected regularly to ensure good insulation. When using motor tools, insulating shoes and gloves should be worn.
2. The safety voltage below 36 V must be used for lighting on the construction site. When all electrical machines and tools are not in use, the power supply must be cut off at any time to prevent burning out the equipment.
3. In places where blowtorch, electric welding machine, and necessary fire are used, fire application registration shall be filled in, special personnel shall be assigned to take care of it, and fire-fighting equipment shall be brought with it to ensure the implementation of fire-fighting measures. During welding, pay special attention to check whether there are combustibles below, and take corresponding protection. After use, check and confirm that there is no fire before leaving.
4. When working at heights and on the construction site, such as piping and wiring, equipment installation, opening, and commissioning, the safety technical regulations must be strictly implemented, and the operation must be carried out smoothly. Illegal operation is strictly prohibited, resulting in accidents that should not occur.
5. In the whole construction process, it is necessary to strictly implement the national, provincial, and ministerial regulations and relevant provisions on project fire protection.
6. Always provide and maintain fire-fighting equipment, so as to be able to maintain and use it. Earnestly implement the level by level fire control responsibility system and do a good job in fire control.
Kameymall hopes that everyone can protect their health at work. No matter what work it is, health comes first!

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