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Summer Outfit You Need To Know

The words “sunshine and beach” remind me of nothing but summer, when we can go to the beach for vacation, swimming, surfing, etc. Also I want to know if you have sexy clothes for a beach vacation in your closet?

Sunshine, beach, sexy and you

What are you going to wear under the sun-drenched beach? My suggestion would definitely be a comfortable and a little sexy bikini or tank top.

Bikini suits

A wide variety of beach bikini options are available to you, such as one piece or separates; short or long sleeve; round neck or v-neck. If you want to show a little sexy friends, you can try the separate bikini, afraid of sunburn can be coated with sunscreen in advance, bring sunscreen hat and sunscreen clothing. Of course, you can also wear it for a beautiful tan.

The pink bikini we recommended in the last issue is a very good choice. Clothing in bright colors is especially suitable for summer, giving people a bright feeling. Conventional dark colors are visually more suitable for autumn and winter weather.

Tank tops

In addition to the traditional bikini sets, women's tank tops are one of the best choices for the beach.

Today's recommendation is this blue and white scheme v neck tank top with beautiful color and soft texture. In addition to the regular black and white, in such a relaxed and casual occasion, choosing a bright blue can add vitality. The v-neck design is suitable for girls of all face shapes and body shapes, and has a certain visual slimming effect. At the same time, the two suspenders shown in the video have similar styles, and the one on the right is the one I recommend more. The cream retro button adds a retro feel to the whole suspender, and you will be very stylish when you wear it. This also provides a variety of options for people with different styles.

How to match

Just said that it will have a lot of versatile ways to wear it. In fact, the suspender is one of the items with high usage rate in summer, and its collocation is actually relatively simple. First, let's talk about the same color system method. For example, for the blue and white halter suspenders recommended today, we can choose the main color or auxiliary color in the choice of pants or skirts, that is to say, choosing white or even light blue pants or skirts will not go wrong. Second, we can also use the principle of similar color matching. Choose from its cool and warm colors, and make sure that no more than 4 to 5 colors appear from head to toe.

How to choose

Sling color I will not go into too much detail, you can choose their favorite can. I want to focus on the texture of the sling. Plush undershirt is suitable for outside, in autumn and winter with a shirt or dress with a French style. Silk texture is suitable for summer, fresh and emotional. Spiral pattern is used in any season, inside and outside is a good choice. Of course, if you are more prone to allergies, I suggest you choose pure cotton or cotton and linen texture. These two materials are relatively mild, and allergies basically do not appear.


If you think this color doesn't suit you, then Kameymall offers a wide range of colors and styles on this site for you to choose from. Don't miss out if you like it. Show off your beauty this summer!

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