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Tips Of Ensuring Safety During The Process Of Zorbing

While playing a zorb ball with others, what will you focus on? Getting more scores? Helping your teammates? If you are a supervisor, what will you pay attention to? Judging scores? Blowing your whistle? No, there is a more important thing that you need to concentrate on whether you are a player or supervisor. It is safety. And this is what we are going to tell you in the following part. Come to read it together.

Zorbing is a game, but safety is not

For supervisors

As a supervisor, you need to pay attention to the speed of your players. Make sure that they will not run too fast and you need to run as fast as possible in case of any emergency.

In addition, it is advisable for you to control the distance among players. Do not let them get too close with each other. Once you find that they get too close with other playrs, blow your whistle and signal them to get separated.

What’s more, pay special attention to those who may be a threat to the safety of others. These people will do something surprising or some dangerous behaviors in order to get more scores. Once you have found any signal, stop the game instantly.

For players

While you are playing your zorb ball, caring about your safety greatly. You can’t simply depend on others to ensure your safety. Do not run too fast or get too close with others. Apart from that, don’t touch anything inside the ball. If you want to get out of the ball, come to a corner of the field and give a signal to your supervisor at the same time.

Moreover, do not attack others for getting more scores. You also need to ensure the safety of others since you are part of this game. Do not bump others with the top of your ball.

Care is better than regret

Being careful in the zorbing is better than regretting after zorbing. Except for these tips, you need to prepare for a quality zorb ball which you can find at Kameymall. We are waiting for you there with best services.

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