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How Should You Dry The Human Hair Wig?

To get a better hairstyle, your human hair wig is required to be processed and colored, it will get dry easily. So, Blow drying human hair wigs is a key step to lock in moisture after washing.

How to blow drying a human hair wig?

After washing your wig, you’d better let the wig air dry about 50% before using your hairdryer. After your hair dry, use a round brush to dry the next 50%. Kameymall is willing to share more tips for caring for your wig.

Do not grab just any round brush. We recommend not choosing any round brush with epoxy balls on the ends of the bristles for wigs. Those soft little balls are designed to prevent the bristles from damaging your scalp while brushing

Now You have a half-dry wig, a safe round brush, and a blow dryer. What are you going to do? Then we start.

Fix your wig to your canvas blockhead. Use T-pins to make sure that your style is fixed on your styling head.
Before beginning, using a clean towel, lightly towel to gently soak up any excess water.
Next, spray heat protectant on your wig, avoiding the roots. This spray will help add moisture back to your style while removing tangles.
Using a wide-tooth comb, gently comb the wig, starting at the ends and working your way to the top. Be careful around the delicate cap materials.
Then, using your wide tooth comb, part the hair in the direction you desire.
If required, apply a blow dry balm for extra heat protection.
Section the hair into pieces that are easy to manage.
Set your dryer to medium heat. Because high heat can dry out your fibers quickly.
If you have an air concentrator attachment, add it to your hairdryer now. Then, starting with one section, dry the hair with a round brush and dryer. Brush and dry in a downward direction from roots to ends. Drying the hair in the opposite direction will create flyaways.
Once the section is dry, use the "cool shot" button on your dryer.
Continue with the other parts until the wig is dry.


Buy a wig online
These steps may seem to take a lot of time, they are necessary for you to know. If you are looking for a wig that suits you, come to Kameymall and choose your favorite one, deep wave wig is our hot type.

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