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Home All Guides Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) How to Tie Your Safety Work Shoes to Avoid Accidents

How to Tie Your Safety Work Shoes to Avoid Accidents

proper tied safety work boots


As a worker, safety should always be your top priority when on the job. While the importance of wearing appropriate safety work shoes is clear, many workers overlook the crucial aspect of properly tying their footwear.


Improperly tied or loose working safety shoes can put you at risk of stumbling, tripping, or even falling, leading to serious injuries.


In this blog, we'll explore why properly tying your safety work shoes is important for both safety and comfort. We'll also provide helpful tips on tying your work shoes the right way, every time.


Common Injuries Resulted from Improper Tying

brown high top safety work bootsIf we don't properly tie and adjust our safety work shoes, we will not be able to avoid any injuries to our bodies, and we will suffer from discomfort, insecurity, and inefficiency in our work.


Loose or untied shoelaces can lead to slips and falls, causing sprains, fractures, and other injuries. A simple misstep on a wet or uneven surface is all it takes to cause a fall when shoes are not properly tied.


In addition, shoes that are too loose or too tight can cause blisters, sores, and other discomforts. Improperly tied shoes can also lead to your foot slipping around in your shoe, which can cause friction burns and painful blisters.


Work shoes that are not tied tightly enough can cause your foot to shift around inside the shoe, causing your ankle to move around in an unnatural manner, which can result in an ankle sprain or twist from the movement.


A pair of shoes that are not tied properly can cause your feet to become fatigued more quickly, making it harder for you to perform your job at your best when you are fatigued.


If you are wearing shoes that are too loose, your feet will be able to slide around inside, causing an unsteady movement that could lead to premature exhaustion.


safety work shoes that are poorly fitted and tied can cause excessive pressure on the arch of your foot, resulting in arch pain and plantar fasciitis as a result. When left untreated, this can lead to chronic pain that worsens over time if it is not addressed as soon as possible.


Step-by-Step Instructions for Tying Safety Work Shoes

blue sneaker work safety shoesThese simple steps will help you tie your safety work shoes correctly so that you won't have to worry about injuries on the job in the future.


Step 1: Lace up your shoes


You need to lace up your shoes tightly and evenly to ensure that they fit you properly. Make sure you insert each lace into the eyelets at the bottom of the shoe and work your way upwards, making sure the laces are snug but not too tight as you do so.


The laces should be evenly spaced on each side of the shoe, as well as the tongue of the shoe should be centered on the shoe.


Step 2: Cross the laces


By crossing one of the laces over the other, you will make the shape of an "X" with the two laces. At this point, the left lace should be placed on top of the right lace.


Step 3: Loop one lace under the other


Take the end of the lace that's underneath and loop it over and then under the other lace. It should now be possible for you to loop the left lace over the right lace on the work safety shoes.

black wide toe work safety shoes

Step 4: Make a knot


Make a loop at the end of each of the laces, and tighten the knot by pulling both ends of the laces together. With one end of the left lace held in each hand, bring the lace back on itself and make a loop by bringing the lace back on itself.


Likewise, you can also do this with the right place, so that you have two loops in your hands, one in each hand.


Step 5: Tie the loops together


Cross the two loops over each other, and then bring one loop under the other loop and up through the hole. Hold the loops with one hand and use the other hand to bring the left loop under the right loop, and then up through the hole. Then, pull the loops tight.


Step 6: Tighten the knot


Pull both loops tightly to secure the knot, and adjust the laces as needed to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Ensure that the knot is snug and that the shoe is securely fastened.


Step 7: Double-knot


Double-knot the laces by tying another knot on top of the first one. Tie the loops together again as before, but this time, make an additional knot on top of the first knot.


Pull both loops tightly to secure the knot, and adjust the laces as needed to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.


Please note: Make sure to tuck any excess lace into your shoe in order to prevent tripping hazards from occurring.


Common Mistakes People Make When Tying Safety Work Shoes

suede blue lightweight safety work shoesNot tying the shoes tightly enough -- Having loose laces can lead to slips and falls, so it is imperative to ensure that the shoes are tied tightly enough to ensure that they fit comfortably and securely.


This can be done by double-knotting the laces and making sure they are not too tight. Additionally, it is a good idea to check the laces periodically throughout the day to ensure they are still securely fastened.


Not double-knotting -- If your shoes are not tied properly, they can cause you to trip and fall, so it is extremely important to double-knot the laces of your safety shoes for work to prevent these accidents from happening.


Additionally, you should also make sure that the laces are not too long, as this can cause you to trip and stumble as you walk.


Tying the shoes in the wrong order -- It is safest to tie safety work shoes in the correct order. The first step is to put your shoes on and then lace them up before tying the knot, working your way up from the bottom.


When the knot is tied before the shoes are laced, it can lead to an uneven fit, which can cause discomfort and injury to the wearer.


Tying the shoes too tightly -- In addition to tying your shoes properly to prevent slips and falls, tying them too tightly can cause discomfort and even result in injury as your blood circulation will be restricted.


Therefore, it's important to make sure that shoelaces are tied sufficiently, but not too tightly. It's a good practice to check the fit of the shoes regularly and loosen them if needed.

sport black composite toe safety work shoesNot tucking in laces -- There is a risk of tripping if laces are left untucked after you have tied your shoes, so it is important to tuck them in securely after you have tied them.


This will keep the laces from coming undone and also prevent them from getting caught on something and tripping you up. It is a simple task that can prevent a lot of accidents.


Using the wrong knot -- The granny knot, for instance, is not as secure as some other knots, such as the reef knot, which is a stronger knot. When tying lightweight safety shoes, it is crucial to use the correct knot so that the shoes are fitted securely and will not come untied in the future.


Although, the granny knot is much easier to tie and can be done quickly, making it the perfect knot for those who are in a rush. It is important to remember that the granny knot is not as secure as other knots, so it should only be used in certain situations.


The failure to replace worn-out laces -- There is a risk of fraying or losing the elasticity of laces as they age, leading to an insecure fit and the possibility of tripping hazards caused by wearing out laces. As soon as possible, you should replace worn-out laces with new ones.


To avoid this problem, it's essential to inspect laces regularly for signs of wear and tear. If wearing out is detected, the laces need to be replaced immediately. Taking good care of your laces will help them last longer and provide a secure fit.


Additional Things to Keep in Mind When Tying  


black sneaker keen safety work shoes

The following will provide you with detailed tips that will help you tie your safety work shoes properly to reduce the risk of injuries while doing your job.


Check the Fit


As soon as you have tied the shoe, ensure that they are snug, but not too tight. You should also ensure that there is enough room in the toe box to allow the foot to move freely and for the blood to circulate properly.


Make sure you wiggle your toes to make sure they have enough space to move and ensure the heel of the shoe is firmly seated in the shoe as well.


Consider the Type of Shoe


Safety work shoes may require different methods for tying them up depending on what type of shoe they are. It may be necessary to add loops or lacing to high-top work boots if you want to ensure a good fit while preventing ankle injuries.


It is important to check the manufacturer's instructions for specific instructions on how to tie the shoelaces.


Action Call


leather black safety work boots

Your safety should never be compromised, no matter how tight your work schedule or how pressing your tasks are. Properly tying your safety work shoes is a simple step that can go a long way in keeping you protected on the job.


By following the tips and techniques we covered in this blog, you'll be able to avoid accidents and injuries caused by loose or improperly tied shoes.


Remember, every precaution counts when it comes to workplace safety, and taking the time to tie your shoes correctly can make them the most comfortable safety shoes. Stay safe and comforted, and make sure to tie those laces tight!

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