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Home news Product Away From Electricity Harm: Insulated Safety Shoes
indestructible waterproof safety shoes for women

Away From Electricity Harm: Insulated Safety Shoes

Mar, 30, 2022

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As a safety aid, insulation safety shoes for women can endanger the operator's life if not used correctly.

safety shoes

Precautions for wearing insulated safety shoes  

Wear safety shoes, be sure to do a good job before the use of training, operation standards, regular testing, regular replacement, eliminate hidden dangers.  

(1) If there is danger of electric shock, electrical insulation shoes should be worn, such as from damaged electric instruments. This product is suitable for wearing in the working environment below 1KV, and used as auxiliary safety tools and labor protection shoes when working.  In use, electrical safety engineering code (DL408 and DL409) must be strictly followed.  

(2) Electrically insulated shoes do not guarantee 100[%] protection against electric shock, and additional testing is necessary to avoid this hazard.  Such tests, like the additional tests mentioned below, should be part of the routine risk assessment procedure.  

(3) The electrical properties of shoes should meet the requirements at any time during the service period.  

(4) During the use of the protection level may be affected by the shoes are nicked, cut, wear or chemical pollution damage, should be checked regularly, damaged shoes can not be used as electrical insulation shoes.  

(5) It is forbidden to wear shoes in places that pollute the sole materials, such as chemicals, etc., which will affect the electrical properties of shoes when entering such dangerous areas.  

(6) When wearing, it is recommended that users establish a suitable means of checking and testing the electrical insulation performance of shoes.  

(7) Keep the upper dry when wearing the product.  

(8) The voltage resistance and leakage current value of electric insulating shoes shall meet the standard requirements after preventive inspection, and the validity period of each preventive inspection result shall not exceed 6 months.  

(9) Products should be strictly prohibited from contact with sharp instruments, high temperature, acid, alkali or other corrosive items, in storage, should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, to prevent mildew, stacked away from the ground, wall more than 0.2m.  

(10) The storage period is 24 months. The products over 24 months shall be tested one by one by the preventive electrical properties before being used as electrical insulation shoes.  


Where can you buy good insulated safety shoes?

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