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What Determines The Functions Of Safety Shoes

Nov, 29, 2021

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The answer is easy. Safety shoes are made to serve different needs since a delivery driver and a worker require different features. But the key features you need to notice are shoe height, weight, shoe construction, water resistance, insulation, and style.



Taller is better for linesmen and for protection in the deep woods. But taller shoes are harder to put on and heavier. While shorter shoes are lighter, cooler, and better for all-around use, especially for workers who stand for long periods of time throughout the day.

waterproof indestructible shoes

Safety shoes in the past are massively strong but heavy. Backpackers say a pound on your feet is equal to 5 in your pack. Keep this in mind. Heavier shoes used to be associated with better support but today's improved materials make shoes more lightweight but still supportive.


Water resistance
Some safety shoes for women have waterproof leathers or are made with especially breathable materials. Waterproof shoes will work well when you stand in water all day, but they don't let moisture escape, so your feet will feel hotter and wetter. So, waterproof shoes are often difficult to dry, they are not the most ideal choice if your work does not require water resistance.


When it gets cold, insulated shoes are a must for outdoor use. But in the summer days, insulated shoes will be hot and make your feet sweat. In warmer weather, consider shoes with fabric or mesh uppers.


Shoe construction
Welted and stitch-down shoes are built to last and can be resoled many times to extend their lifespan. Cement or direct construction – where the outsole attaches directly to the upper – can sometimes be resolved, depending on the boot. If resoling is important to you, make sure the shoes you bought can give you enough space to adjust.


There are a number of different safety shoe styles available, from traditional moc-toe to contemporary hiker and ironworker. Wherever you go, make sure it's comfortable and suitable.


Choose a pair of safety shoes

So whether you’re looking to replace your current style or looking to purchase your first ever pair, Kameymall will offer you various options. With so many styles out there the key is to narrow down what you really want from your shoes. Don’t be afraid to do your research and help you make the right decision. Safety shoes for women are our main style, hope these can help you!

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