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Home news Product Air Tracks For Jumping Exercising (Part 2)
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Air Tracks For Jumping Exercising (Part 2)

Jun, 21, 2022

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Due to the playfulness of the younger students, we always see some students sitting on their bottoms in the sandpit after jumping in, grabbing a handful of sand and spreading it around. There were also some waiting students who were always eager to try, and before the previous student had even left the sandpit, he was 'in the thick of it'. Although there were no scenes of students colliding in the sandpit, it always gave the teacher pause.

As we have seen in the previous article, using the air track mat instead of the sandpit is a great way to improve practice efficiency. Today, we will continue to share this information.

air track mat

Effective target setting to motivate students to practice

In order to effectively improve performance in the long jump, when setting up the field, you can use the air track mat to set up the jumping and landing areas, while placing different height air track mats between the jumping and landing areas to continuously improve the accuracy of the students' jumping point and the height of the air after jumping, while the landing area placed with the air track mat gives the students a clearer target. In group exercises, students set different heights and distances according to their ability and constantly challenge themselves. The corresponding targets stimulate students' interest and increase their motivation to learn. In the activity of high jump, in order to enable students to jump with one foot, swing their legs straight and swing and actively cross the bar, multiple air track mats can be used to overlap a certain height, allowing students to assist, jump, swing their straight legs and actively sit on the overlapping mats to improve the effect of the movement of students swinging their straight legs and also allow students to feel the action of crossing the bar on the mats.

Effective use of the gymnastics mat to develop a sense of buddy support

During students' long jump exercises, as the air track mat is relatively light, students have a forward impulse after landing and will keep moving the mat forward. In teaching, students need to be instructed to take turns as small helpers to maintain the field. While the first student performs the full exercise, another student stands on the side of the mat that has landed and holds the far edge of the mat with one foot. When the student lands on his feet, the mat does not move out of position due to external forces, and even if it does move slightly, the assistant can adjust it in the quickest possible time. This ensures a neat and orderly field and prevents the gymnastics mat from moving too much to the detriment of the students' practice, as well as developing the students' ability to help each other and learn from each other in the practice process.
Changing the traditional sandpit long jump exercise to a air track mat has achieved twice the effect with half the effort in the teaching process. The air track mats are used to provide a safer place to practise; they are also used to set targets, stimulate students' interest in learning, motivate them to learn, increase the density of effective practice and enhance their awareness of self-exercise. At the same time, the practice cultivates the students' team spirit of helping each other and making progress together.


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