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Home news Product What Is So Helpful To Babies? (Part 2)
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What Is So Helpful To Babies? (Part 2)

Jun, 30, 2022

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In the last post we talked about my five year old's love of basic gymnastics for toddlers, so I gave him an air track mat, which is an inflatable gymnastics mat that is perfect for home use. Normally, these mats are between 2 and 6m long, 1m wide and between 10 and 20cm thick, but I felt that they were on the long side and not suitable for my child to use, after all, children like to bounce around and need more space. So, I had a custom-made 2m x 2m x 20cm air track mat made for him.

With the air track, my child has become more involved in his gymnastic practice. Every day he spends some time practising gymnastics. I feel happier and happier because there are so many benefits of gymnastics for children's development.

air track

Basic gymnastics for young children plays an important role in their intellectual development

Intelligence comes from the brain, which depends on nutrition, and one of the ways to promote the brain's absorption of nutrients is through exercise. During childhood, the internal structure and function of the brain develops rapidly, and the energy needed for brain activity comes mainly from sugar, but the brain itself has very little sugar reserves, so it must rely on blood to deliver blood sugar, which is mainly supplied by food. Basic gymnastics for young children, as a kind of sports, can enhance children's appetite and digestive function, so that the starch in food can be changed into glucose and absorbed into the blood to become blood sugar to supply the needs of the brain. People who exercise regularly have more blood flow than the average person and therefore provide more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, which in turn promotes brain development. Because the brain has heterolateral control over sensation and movement, the brain is usually more developed in the left hemisphere. Young children. In the basic gymnastics exercise, can make the usual less active left hand to get exercise, which is conducive to explore the potential of the right hemisphere of the brain, so that the overall development of young children's intelligence.

Basic gymnastics for young children has a very obvious effect on mental exercise

Young children are in a period of rapid physical and mental development, and this rapid development makes the physical and mental state of young children show great instability and plasticity to bring excellent opportunities for early childhood educators to cultivate their work. It is well known that the formation of good mental qualities and habits in early childhood can play a significant role in their future healthy growth.


Today, I would like to recommend the shop where I bought the air track mat. It is Kameymall. Why do I recommend this shop? Because it allows you to customise the mat to fit the space in your home. Moreover, you can choose the colour of the border of the mat and the pattern or text on the front.

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