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5m air tumble track mat 2022

Wow! He Is Flying Above The Mat

Jul, 07, 2022

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Do you see the picture below? The picture is framed in this moment of a man floating in the sky. And there is a very long mat underneath him. I have to say, I think this picture looks very cool. The man seems to be flying in the sky and the blue sky and green grass behind him is a nature-filled backdrop. But I also can't help but feel that falling from such a height and still with his head tilted towards the ground, he would have been seriously injured without the protection of this mat. So, what is this mat? How can you take such a large mat out outdoors? Let's discuss these topics today.

air track mat

What is this mat

This mat in the picture has a black border and a white cross section. It is also clear from the picture that the white cross-section of the mat is divided equally into two parts by a straight black line. This mat is actually the air track mat or tumble track, which is actually a type of gymnastics mat, but it is an inflatable mat and has a more sophisticated and youthful look than a traditional gymnastics mat. The mat is very versatile and can be used in gymnasiums, dance and martial arts studios to protect everyone involved, including those performing difficult gymnastic moves such as cartwheels. At home, it can be used for yoga and for children's play. You can even take it outdoors.

Is it portable?
When it comes to taking the air track mat outdoors, many people wonder if it is really easy to carry around such a long mat, as it looks so small in the picture. In fact, as an inflatable gymnastic mat, it is really easy to carry when it is uninflated, as it can be folded into a small piece in terms of size and weighs only about 10 kg.

The mat pictured is 5m long, 1m wide and 0.1m high, which is the more conventional size of the air track and is also one of the longer ones. If you want to buy this mat, you can come to Kameymall and pick it up. Here you can choose from any colour of mat. And get it at a lower price than the market price, because this shop is having a sale. You can even choose a smaller one if you think this mat is too long.

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