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air track mat of various functions

Where Are Air Tracks Used?

Aug, 02, 2022

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In the picture below, a lady is standing on a mat to exercise. This mat is very long, measuring 4 metres in length and 2 metres in width. It has a yellow border, a white cross section and the white cross section is divided equally into two parts by a straight black line. What is this mat? It is an air track.

air track

What is the air track?

The air track is inflatable aerobic equipment that combines the advantages of a sprung floor, a bouncy castle, a trampoline and a grounding mat in one track. Due to fluctuating densities and loads, these air tracks can be very resilient and can be reached safely, or they can be as strong and fast as sprung floors. They are tight, perfectly and completely flat and are quite small in terms of storage and significantly fast in terms of fixing. From acrobatics to parkour, from physiotherapy to kung fu classes, the air track is excellent equipment for a wide range of sports categories.

Where the air track is used

How can these air tracks help you and where can you use them? You can use these mats in clubs, these mats are best for both users who just come to enjoy themselves and other more advanced users. These air track mats have a high level of space and there are more places to play without any pressure of injury. Novices can experience moderately soft bounces and landings when practising at a moderate intensity, while players can enjoy stable and more professional bounces when practising at a higher intensity. Depends on the game you are working out on. Before buying an aerial track, everyone checks thoroughly to establish a safe atmosphere for practicing, stretching or working out at home. You can start by analysing what size suits you at home or in the area, but concerns about size are still optional as the size can be customised to suit your requirements and, in addition, the look is greatly arbitrary. Above all, you should purchase a dense mat that will give you comfort when performing various movements and ensure that any damage is stopped while you train or exercise.


There are many companies offering air tracks for sale and it is important to check these few things before buying an air track mat. Density and size are important parts that you must check before buying an air track mat, after that the next thing you can consider is the price of the mat. Our company Kameymall will certainly give you a competitive price for the air track mats, which is not difficult to do.

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