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Bikini Trends for 2022

Jan, 24, 2022

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Summer is finally here, no matter how far away it may appear to you right now. This year, there is a strong desire for swimsuits and a strong desire to shop for new trends like never before.
A classic one-piece or sexy bikini will never go out of style, but summer 2022 will bring a new crop of fun swim trends to try. Keep scrolling to discover the must-have swimwear trends of 2022, from modern cuts and colors to versatile tops.

sisters bikini
The Triangle Strappy Bikini

The three-corner bikini has been popular for decades, but this season it's been given a modern update. Which is that body is wrapped with simple straps. Because of the straps, the top can be styled in a variety of ways, making it extremely versatile.

This summer, bikinis with micro strings and multiway tops will be popular. Micro-strings keep tan lines to a minimum, and multiway tops make you feel like you're wearing something different every time. This will lift your spirits.

Bikini with a micro back
Purchasing a sophisticated black two-piece is the beach and poolside equivalent of purchasing a little black dress. Designers are presenting even more options for the black bikini this spring, with a strong emphasis on a high-waisted silhouette.

Pink Mica Zip-Top
Tangerine is a treat, just like sun-kissed citrus fruit that inspired its name. We are excited that it will be one of the most popular colors of 2022. This versatile color can look sporty or streetwear depending on your style.

Underwire Sculpture
Replace your underwire bra-top with a sculpted number this season. The sculpted underwire, like the flattering fit of the underwire, provides the same lift but with a more dynamic appearance. And, in my opinion, it makes for an excellent Instagram moment.
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