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Anecdotes About Air Track Mats You Need Know

Anecdotes About Air Track Mats You Need Know

Mar, 28, 2022

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People take their health more seriously. They will spend more time on exercise. Today, professional sports equipment has become more popular, especially air track mat. They are widely used in gymnasiums, homes, physical education and other places.

Features of air track mats

Generally speaking, gymnastic air tracks are rectangular in shape. To ensure the elasticity of the inflatable air mats, most gymnastic mats are filled with foam or are inflated. Inflatable gymnastic mats are widely used because they are easy to fold.
The surface of the inflatable air mat is silk-screened and comfortable. It is high strength, anti-static, wear-resistant, light-resistant, anti-ageing, anti-cracking, safe and durable.

Why do we need gymnastic air tracks
An inflatable air track can protect us during exercise. The air track can be used for gymnastics, yoga, various water sports, competitions etc. It can meet all your needs. Due to its characteristics it is much better than a traditional foam mat. A traditional mat takes up a lot of space and the longer you use it, the thinner it becomes.

Meter Air Track
How do I choose an air track for my tumble track
Firstly, the size of the air track. This is a very important factor in choosing an inflatable air track. Where do you want to put it? In your room or in your yard? Before you buy, measure the dimensions of the place where you are putting it. To make sure that the inflatable tumble track is the correct size and will fit well in your drop-off area.

Secondly, the thickness of the air mat. When you are choosing a gymnastic air mat, a suitable thickness is very crucial. Please do not choose one that is too thick, and avoid one that is too thin. An air mattress that is too thin will not provide you with effective protection. When you fall, there is not enough cushioning. An air cushion that is too thick is also not a good choice. When you use an air track, your feet or your body can get stuck in the mat.

Thirdly, non-slip materials and soft air tracks. An inflatable gymnastics mat that is too slippery can injure you. That's why the surface of the air track should be non-slip. Softness is also an important factor. A good softness mat will provide you with protection.

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