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Home news Product Little Babies Can Start Gymnastics On The Air Track Mat (Part 3)
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Little Babies Can Start Gymnastics On The Air Track Mat (Part 3)

Jun, 04, 2022

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Although you have learned from reading our previous articles that there are particular benefits to exercising gymnastics for young children. But, can you imagine? Gymnastics for toddlers can have an impact on their intelligence, memory and language development. You don't believe it? Read this article and you will believe it.


If you read this article and want your child to exercise, then I have to remind you that you must have an air track mat for them, as it will ensure that they do not get injured during gymnastics. Also, the air track mat is very handy and practical! When you don't need to use it, you can vent it and save the space for other things. So, let's move on to the benefits of exercise gymnastics for young children.

Good for children's language centre development

In basic gymnastics classes for toddlers, children communicate a lot with their teachers or children through the teacher's guidance, which allows them to play a variety of roles and provides children with great opportunities for verbal interaction, thus stimulating the development of their language centres.

Effects on children's attention and memory

Basic gymnastics for young children not only enhances physical fitness, but more importantly focuses children's attention on the execution of movements, allowing them to remember fragmented gymnastic movements and then link them together to stimulate the brain's memory cells. The practice of gymnastics requires a high level of concentration as it involves completing each movement, changing body posture and direction of movement, taking into account the range, route, speed and power of the movement, as well as changing speed to match the rhythm of the music. When it comes to memory for young children, tests have shown that visual memory is more effective than verbal memory. Gymnastic movements are characterised by their representational nature, which makes them easy to imitate and remember. This improves children's concentration and memory while improving their quality.

The impact on children's emotional development

In an urbanised society, children grow up under considerable pressure to conform to social norms, and physical activity is a medium through which they can express their emotions and learn constructive emotional control during childhood. It is difficult for children to develop themselves and healthy attitudes towards others if their environment and social circumstances do not allow for adequate time, space, toys and guidance from professionals. On the negative side, it can alleviate negative emotions such as fear and anxiety; on the positive side, participating in basic gymnastics not only increases physical control, but also provides children with the opportunity to express their emotions in moderation, learn how negative emotions affect them, and induce self-respect, self-satisfaction and emotional stability, which contributes to positive emotional development.


With all the benefits of gymnastics for toddlers, why don't you come to Kameymall and buy an air track mat for your child to get him ahead of the game?

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