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Reduce Injuries With The Air Track Mat

Jun, 11, 2022

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Gymnastic equipment companies have started using air track mats in their routines to reduce the risk of injury. These mats are not as comfortable as traditional mats and are made of a hard plastic material that is more like the floor most runners practice on. While it doesn't feel as comfortable as the old foam mats, it still feels more like running on a real track than your typical foam mat.

This difference in cushioning has been shown to reduce injuries in a number of different studies. In one study, gymnasts were able to jump into a V-sit position - where they were upside down with one leg underneath their body - for longer on an air track mat than on a traditional foam mat.

Longer training time

One of the most important pieces of equipment in the gym is the Kameymall air track. Air tracks are used to help people stretch their muscles so that they get more out of each workout. The main reason they are so popular is that they allow people to stretch every muscle group in their body with one machine.

However, as effective as air tracks are for stretching, they are even more beneficial for functional training. In functional training, you will use a combination of exercises and stretches to accomplish a specific goal - in this case, training your body parts for gymnastics.

The beauty of the aerial track is that you can perform almost any exercise on it - from squats to deep squats to arm and shoulder raises. However, certain exercises are particularly suited to functional training.

Hip thrusts. This exercise is designed to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings and to work more muscles than just these two. This makes hip thrusts a great way to build strength in the glutes, which are often neglected when people are trying to build upper body strength.
Single leg squats. This allows you to train your leg muscles without using extra weight or balance issues.

50 Foot Air Track

Deadlift. If you want to work your core, the plank mat from Kameymall will help you develop some incredible stability.

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