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1m mini air track for basketball

Mini Air Track Mats For Basketball Skills Training

Jun, 20, 2022

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Gymnastic mats are really used particularly extensively in all kinds of physical education classes. Do you like playing basketball? Basketball can make you grow taller. And, basketball can make a boy look very sunny. So, do you like to play basketball? Do you want to improve your basketball skills?

Today, I would like to share with you how to improve your basketball skills using the air track mat, which is an extension of the function of the gymnastic mat in teaching basketball in physical fitness and relaxation, I hope it will be helpful to you.

air track mat
Continuous jumping

1 group of 5 gymnastic mats, in 1 way herringbone rows, spaced about 50cm apart, students do continuous jumping exercises to improve their continuous jumping ability.

Basketball Sitting Forward Bend

1 group of 2 students, 1 large gymnastic mat per group, 2 students sit with straight legs and feet opposite each other, feet naturally separated, 1 basketball placed between the four feet, 2 students push the basketball with their fingers. The aim is to integrate physical fitness testing into basketball teaching and to improve students' flexibility.

Basketball two-headed start

1 person on a small gymnastic mat, holding a basketball in both hands, lying on the mat and doing the two-headed up exercise. The aim is abdominal exercises and to improve students' sit-up performance.

Basketball relaxation

1 small gymnastic mat per person, 1 basketball, students lie flat on the mat with the basketball behind them, students do a full body relaxation exercise with the basketball rolling passively on their backs.

Gymnastic Mat Netting Game

In the basketball court, each student will use one end of the gymnastic mat as a fishing net and the whole class will run around the basketball court to see which group has the most fish in their net.


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