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Home news Product Recongnize Bikini Styles To Get Appropriate Ones
plus size sexy lace bikinis for women

Recongnize Bikini Styles To Get Appropriate Ones

Mar, 31, 2022

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When it comes to bikini for women, most people probably don't need them, so they don't bother too much when it comes to choosing a bikini, as long as they find one that covers three spots.  Since French romantic mechanical engineer Louis Reid invented the world's first bikini, these small pieces of fabric have caused a nuclear explosion in the fashion world.  In the 18th century, some women began to swim in the water while wearing a full robe. Not only did the swimsuit liberate poolside women, it also made nudity an increasingly socially acceptable trend. It embodies a state of mind of contemporary women.   


What are the main styles of bikinis?  

After half a century of development, bikinis are no longer simple pieces of fabric.  

  1. Bandeau Bikini  

The top bikini refers to the strapless bikini, which is most popular among young women.  

  1. Microkini  

A bikini that pushes the limits of how much fabric can be used, with extra straps only used to hold the garment close to the body so it doesn't go naked.  

  1. Skirtini  

Characteristic is bikini top, small skirt, bikini is a more safe style, more common in China.  

  1. String Bikini  

One of the most popular bikini styles, the triangular fabric of the lower body joins at the groin rather than at the sides of the waist, hence the name.  

  1. Tankini  

The top is a tank top and the bottom is a bikini combination.  

  1. Monokini  

Very popular in recent years, the top and bottom of the fabric together, but not sexy.  


Last Words

According to the survey, more than 85 percent of bikinis have never touched the water. Women wear bikinis more for the sake of showing off their figures and basking in the sun, but few actually want to go into the sea in their underpants. Squirming around in a really skinny, sexy bathing suit in the sun, you can see everything. At this point, you need to learn another secret: "How to get a good hair." Since ancient times, mankind's pursuit of SAO is endless. Life tired, fortunately, we enjoy it. We expect that you can share more interesting story about bikini with us on Kameymall.

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