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air track mat 3 meters long

What Are So Practical For Gymnastics Beginners?

Aug, 18, 2022

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If you are a beginner in gymnastics, I suggest that you read this article, as it becomes quite important for beginners to choose some reliable gymnastic equipment. After all, the earlier you learn gymnastics, the more important it is for you to have the right equipment to assist you and make your practice more efficient. So, what are my recommendations for gymnastics beginners today?

air track

What is the gymnastics training aid I would like to recommend to you?

In the picture, this is an inflatable gymnastics mat, known as an air tumble track, and this is what I would like to recommend to you today. The most common and well known piece of home gymnastics equipment is undoubtedly this inflatable gymnastics mat. If you don't believe me, try searching for gymnastics on social media and you'll see examples of all shapes and sizes, especially at home and in the gym.

At their core, air mats are air-filled tumbling mats and landing surfaces. They provide a bounce more similar to the sprung floors used in competition. They provide the speed and bounce you need, while also cushioning your landing. They are the perfect launch pad for the most dazzling tricks and the perfect landing area to cushion your belly flops while you are still learning. In addition, they can be used on the water to take your balance training to the next level, or simply to build a slide in your backyard for a fun day out on a hot summer day.

A large rectangular custom-made mat is recommended

Often, hand-glued double seams make the air track both durable and resilient. They will stand up to the most challenging training sessions for years to come. Choosing the right size of air track depends on how much area you need for your tumbling. If your goal is to eventually learn back handsprings or bounces and you are just starting out, the 3m option may give you enough track. It can be easily stored and transported, and it won't take up much space on your living room floor. However, if you want to practice a lot of cheerleading moves or create a fully cushioned playroom for your child, consider something larger, such as a 6 x 6m square.

Personally, I think that if you are a beginner at tumbling, maybe you need a larger and square-leaning air track mat because you won't get hurt if you don't have control over the direction of your flips.


If you are a beginner, I think the 3m long, 2m wide and 0.2m thick professional inflatable gymnastics mat from Kameymall pictured here is for you. If you don't quite like the colour of this mat, you can customise it yourself to suit your preference.

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