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Jun, 21, 2022

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Have you ever played games with your kids, and by games over here I mean outdoor games, not King's Quest on your phone. If not, I suggest you give it a try as outdoor games can really bring a lot of benefits to children. Today, I will share some of them for you.

But before I share these benefits, I would like to give an advertisement for my own mall. We are an online shop that sells the air track mat. And the air track mats are actually a great tool for children to play games with. If you want to play games with your kids, you can come here and buy some mats. These mats protect the children from injuries while also serving as play props.

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Promote children's imagination and exploration

When playing outdoors, children are surrounded by objects such as branches, pieces of earth etc. Then they will use these materials as they see fit, they can build a house out of earth or use a branch as a roof. These activities are good for the development of the child's imagination and the ability to reason and think.

Recognising life forms

Playing outdoors is one of the best ways for children to learn about nature, and in the process of playing, children are introduced to the various forms of life in nature in a natural way, for example, sand is fine, branches are long and so on.

Promoting perceptual development

Through playing with play materials, children are exposed to a variety of play materials, and because these materials have different textures, children have different sensations when using them, which in turn stimulates the development of their perceptual skills. For example, from playing with sand, children can feel that the sand is finely crumbled and soft; from playing with sand, children can feel that it sticks in their hands and is rough.

Finally, I recommend you again, if you want to buy the air track mat, please come to Kameymall.

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