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waterproof safety shoes very cheap 2022

What Kind Of Safety Shoes Is This?

Jul, 14, 2022

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In the picture below is a pair of black safety shoes. Would you like to guess which type of safety shoe this is? After all, there are so many different types of safety shoes that we have to choose according to the characteristics of our working environment.



Let me tell you. This is a pair of waterproof and slip resistant safety shoes for women that I got from Kameymall.



Understanding waterproof and slip resistant safety shoes 


Safety shoes need to be worn in relevant scenarios in order to be useful. These are waterproof and non-slip safety shoes, which are generally used in work environments where water or oil is on the floor, and can work well as safety shoes. Waterproofing usually means that the upper is water resistant. When the upper gets wet, it can slip right off and keep the inside of the shoe dry. Waterproof shoes are generally made of cowhide, or water-resistant fly fabric. The tongue of the shoe is made of a single piece, which can better prevent water from flowing through the gap in the tongue.

safety shoes

Slip resistance, usually referred to as a slip-resistant sole. Oil, water or detergent floors are a common environment for workers. According to the new national standard for safety footwear, GB21148-2020, there are specific numerical requirements for slip resistance. However, slip resistant footwear that meets the national standard may not be sufficient to cope with many environments where oil and water are present. If you require better slip resistance in oil and water environments, you will need slip resistant footwear with a higher slip resistance factor, usually to be able to meet the European Standard SRC level of slip resistance.



Why I bought waterproof and slip resistant safety shoes


I don't actually work in an environment that is covered in water or oil, but it usually rains a lot in my hometown and because I live in a rural area, there is still a lot of standing water on the roads, even though the concrete roads have been repaired. If I wear loafers on a rainy day, they often get wet. So, I purchased this pair of safety shoes.





If you want to buy a pair of safety shoes, either men's safety shoes or safety shoes for women, I recommend Kameymall because they have cheaper safety shoes. I got this pair of safety shoes for almost 50% off.


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