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What If My Safety Shoes Hurt My Feet!

May, 11, 2022

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Safety shoes as an important product of safety protection equipment, in order to deal with the foot danger of different occasions, labor protection shoes are divided into many different functions. But many users will feedback that shoes wear feet, the following, Shanghai Chengge summed up a few experiences, can alleviate the problem of foot wear.  

Pain release methods for new safety shoes

New safety shoes for women usually rub the heel and the outside of the big toe. Specific treatment methods are as follows:  

zorb ball

1, wine immersion method  

Pour about 25g of liquor into the new labor protection shoes, shake them a few times and leave them for about an hour. At this time, the leather of the labor protection shoes will not become soft and will not rub the feet so much.  If the bottom edge of the foot grinding, you can use wet paper dipped in the white wine several times wipe, dry after the feet will not be grinding.  

2, pressure  

If the edge part of the labor protection shoes grinding feet, can cover the grinding feet with a wet towel for a few minutes, so that the wet soft, and then use cylindrical objects (such as wine bottles) forced to press several times, the grinding feet pressed smooth, it will not grind feet.  

  1. Wedge palm method  

If the labor protection shoes clamp foot situation is serious, the shoes can be covered with wet towels, and then use the wedge to support it, so wear it.  

  1. Hammer method  

If the sole of the new labor protection shoes is worn, the shoes can be set on the shoe abductor, and then vigorously hit with a hammer, knocking the grinding foot level, it will not be worn feet.  If there is no shoe abductor, other iron can be used instead.  

5, hair dryer method  

The labor protection shoe that buys newly grinds a foot, when wearing, can use blower to blow the heel and the part that presses a foot before soft to wear again, the effect is good.  

  1. Newspaper Law  

Take a piece of newspaper, squeeze it into a ball, soak it in water, not too wet, but all over it, and then wrap a piece of dry newspaper around the wet newspaper, tuck it in the foot squeeze, and then seal it in a plastic bag overnight.  

  1. Vaseline and soap  

Safety shoes if the heel is too hard, grinding the ankle, you need to keep the heel cooked and then wear, the specific way is to repeatedly use vaseline or soap daub that piece of leather grinding feet, and then placed for two days, so that the leather will be soft and smooth, it will not grind feet.  

Write in the back  

Labor protection shoes are different from other shoes. Most of them are used in the working environment. They are worn for a long time and weigh more heavily. In this regard, it is suggested that when wearing labor protection shoes, you can choose pure cotton socks that absorb sweat, and the best length can completely wrap the place that contacts safety shoes, especially the part of the heel of the ankle. In addition, in the selection of labor protection shoes, should try to choose soft mouth (soft mouth covered with polyester foam sponge), reduce the probability of foot wear.  If you have any other questions about safety shoes, please feel free to contact us at Kameymall.

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