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blonde human hair wigs so attractive

Do You Want To Be An Angel?

Jul, 12, 2022

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Have you ever seen angels in the movies? They have golden hair, like sunbeams. They have huge and beautiful wings and are able to roam freely in the sky. Most importantly, angels have a good heart. In short, angels symbolise goodness and beauty. Would you like to have angelic hair? Have a look at the human hair wigs in the picture below.



Blonde human hair wig


This picture shows a beautiful lady wearing a blonde human hair wig. These human hair wigs have curly hair, but the curl is not too big. These human hair wigs are made from people's real hair, so they look particularly realistic. Now that summer is here, you will hardly feel overly hot when wearing a human hair wig because they are breathable. What's more, a human hair wig like this is actually only 180g, which isn't heavy at all. With a blonde human hair wig on, you can also get a perm at the hairdresser. In short, it's just like our real hair. Moreover, it is a front lace wig and next, I am going to share with you how to wear a front lace human hair wig.



How to wear a front lace wig


Firstly, place the side of the hairnet with the elastic band facing downwards and lift the other side upwards. Secondly, the side with the elastic band presses down on your own hair, so that your real hair does not run out, and the other side is lifted upwards, laying your hair flat inside the hairnet, so that it will not be uneven when you wear the wig. Also, once the hair is evenly laid inside the net, the uppermost part of the pass is placed on the head and does not require special fixing. The wig is worn from front to back and then adjusted, there are two size adjustment buckles at the back of the inner side, there is a strip of cloth in the middle of the two buckles, there are several small compartments on the cloth, please follow your own head size needs to adjust the buckle buckle into it. Also, make your fringes as natural as you like. Find a fast protrusion at the temples, this is to check whether the position of the wig wear is correct, pinch with the thumb and forefinger, pull down and can be properly adjusted wig position. Finally, after wearing is complete, you can use your hands to grab a few wigs top, get fluffy.





If you want to buy this human hair wig that will make you look like an angel, I suggest you visit Kameymall as this shop is now selling human hair wigs at a relatively low price. The one pictured here you can get for about $50 less than the market price.


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