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Home news Product Tips Wow! Amazing New Product, Blue Air Track! (Part 1)
blue air track mat 3m long

Wow! Amazing New Product, Blue Air Track! (Part 1)

Aug, 08, 2022

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Do you see the picture below? It is a mat with a light grey border and a blue cross section. It has a length of 3 metres, a wide band of 1 metre and a thickness of 0.2 metres. This is the product I intend to recommend to you today, we will describe what kind of mat it is and introduce it in terms of colour, use etc. I believe that after reading our article, you may have some interest. Let's have a look.



What is this mat


It is an air track mat, a member of the gymnastics mat family, but it is not ordinary by any means, as it is an inflatable gymnastics mat. Normally, these mats are divided into home air track, professional air track and professional reinforced air track, and this one can be used as a home air track as well as supporting you in various risky professional gymnastic manoeuvres, such as cartwheels.



What's special about it


The air track has a number of special features, all of which are due to the inflatable nature of the air track. Firstly, it is very easy to store and carry, which I'm sure I don't need to explain, as this is the case with all inflatable products. Secondly, it provides customers with more flexibility and a softer, more comfortable workout environment. In addition, it is very versatile, a feature that I will explain in more detail in the next article.



Why to recommend blue


Firstly, blue represents tolerance and love. The symbolic meanings of blue are: serenity, depth, remoteness, coldness, melancholy and tenderness. Whereas the darker the shade of blue, the more it takes us to infinity, the lighter blue leans towards childlike, bright, clean and transparent. Therefore, blue is the colour of wisdom. Secondly, blue represents the colour of dreams, always clear and romantic. Under the cover of nature, blue is more fresh and light, rich in decorative taste, especially suitable for white-collar workers who are nervous about their work, allowing the noisy mind to dock at a peaceful harbour. In addition, blue represents calmness and femininity. People who like blue are calm, steady and honest, who value trusting relationships, who take care of those around them and who are polite and courteous in their dealings with others.


Of course, in summer, if you work out on the blue air track, you might be in a better frame of mind. You might not be put off by the heat because blue makes you think of blue skies and the sea, but also of water. So, if you are really interested in this product, you can come and have a look at Kameymall, or look forward to my next article.



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