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Little Knowledge:How To Make Your Wig Steady

Mar, 05, 2022

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As you put on a wig for the very first time, you may ask: what if my wig drops off in public? Of course, the answer is no - as long as your wig fits properly! Nowadays, human hair wigs structure has been very stable,you hardly have the accident drop your wig in front of others if you wear them appropriately. However, if you wrongly wear your wig or buy a wrong size wig, it will fall off more easily.

Assess your head size first

Before you purchasing a wig, you need to know the specific size of your wig. It's easy to complete. You just require a inflatable measure tape to get your size by measuring the circumference from your neck nape to your hairline. Wigs usually have three sizes: petite, medium, and vast. The sizes depend on circumference measurements in inches. If measured 20 to 21.5 inches, then you require a petite wig. If it’s from 21.5 to 22.6 inches then an average one is appropriate. Vast size wigs are made for 22.5 to 23 inches. Considering that if someone puts on a large size wig when they need a petite, the wig will quickly slip right off.

Tips for Keeping A Wig From Slipping Off
Even though you wear right size of wig, you still may feel anxious because you may concern that inner adjustable straps in your wig are not enough. To solve it, you can apply a bobby pin to stick the wig to your real hair. However, bobby pins and combs won’t work as well if you are bald. In this case, you can only try a liner or band.

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Purchase A Proper Wig for Yourself
Development and progress in wig construction have presented us adjustable shoulder straps and earrings. If you wear the right size, your wig won't come off. Of course, for extra protection, you can take extra precautions, including hairpins or wig bands. You want to keep your wig secure, You can do it too! At Kameymall, short human hair wigs are a kind of hot style on sale, Are you interested in trying them?

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