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Sexy Bikini Stands For A Courageous Clothing

Mar, 03, 2022

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In June 1946, the Bikini Island in the Pacific Ocean made the world's first peacetime atomic bomb test which shocks the whole world. Later, French automotive engineer Louis Real, who is seasoned marketer, launched the sexy bikini consisting of three pieces of cloth and four straps in Paris, which named after by the bikini island. This kind of fabric is very rare and it only covers a small part of people’s body. At that time, once the swimsuit was launched, it impact and influence is as explosive as that of the atomic bomb test in the clothing industry. It was originally controversial, but with its advancement and development, now it has become a "sexy swimsuit", synonymous with glamour.

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People’s minds to the sexy bikini changed

Originally, the sexy bikini has been regarded as controversy by people. But because of various kind of competition, the topic of "improving the functionality of the sexy bikini" was officially put on the agenda and promote it to be more legitimate and acceptable. The most important thing to improve swimming speed is to reduce resistance due to the buoyancy in water, in short, to soften the fabric so as to fit the body. Swimwear designed by Annette Kellerman became the source of modern swimsuit design, and then the so-called swimsuit revolution started. In 1913, a company in the United States launched the first sexy bikini made of wool, officially named "swimsuit", before that, people called it with unusual one. In the 1930s, the design of spaghetti-strap tops and high-waist shorts got popularity, and then the slow transition to the modern bikini style penetrated into people’s daily life.

Sexy bikini in different countries
From the late 1970s to the 1980s, influenced by the trend of gender liberation and gender equality, the trend in the international bodybuilding industry was to highlight female's muscle mass and lines with a certain masculine aesthetic. As a result, the modern female's bodybuilding focusing on muscle development with the bikini, which can expose the shoulders, back and abdominal muscles, in view to increase the degree of muscle development, line, physique and other items.

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