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Accidents Happen, Let Kids Play

Dec, 13, 2021

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Accidents happen all the time. Using a bicycle can lead to injury. Riding a skateboard can lead to fractures. Participating in exercise can lead to overuse injuries. Even if you bounce on an air track mat, you can fall.

The list of activities and injuries associated with these activities is long and sounds shocking. Children enjoy running, climbing, jumping, and participating in many activities that are at risk of injury. No one would argue that risk leads to injury, but the risk is a part of life and it can be fun.

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The important part of childhood development

Playground use, sports, and other playtime activities are important components of children's development. It is in these activities that children learn to judge risk, height, length, strength, and abilities. When they complete a task that seems difficult, they enjoy a sense of accomplishment. We see how satisfaction in accomplishing something gives us the confidence to try something new in the future. Parents remember their children proudly saying, "Look what I can do."


Learning to manage risk
Why do people naturally get involved in things that can lead to injury? You might argue that children don't know anything about it. But extreme sports are actually extremely popular among adults. Perhaps learning to manage risk is part of a child's healthy development.

Media reports have reported stories of demolitions of playgrounds and preventing children from running outdoors due to the risk of injury while at school. This is unfortunate. Playgrounds were invented to replace the past when children crawled around trees or fences, and all parents knew it was difficult to keep their children still. Although your child may get hurt while running or jumping, it's hard to find anyone who says activity is bad for your child.


Final words
If you have decided to let your children play freely, then Kameymall may be able to buy all the equipment you want.

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