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air track tumble mats on sale

Buy An Air Track Now

Jun, 29, 2022

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Air track is one of the necessary equipment in many homes, it has a wide range of uses, it comes with a carrying handle, valve, UV coating, etc.

Carrying handles

Carrying handles on both sides allow you to carry or slide the mat into place. Handles with rubber coating or finger grips provide better control. The longer the air track, the more handles it should have. Some mats are long enough that it may take four to six people - each using one handle - to move them.

Dual valves
The key to successful use of an air track is control of air pressure. The dual-valve design provides more control, allowing you to fill or exhaust air to achieve the correct pressure without compromising overall inflation. One valve is typically used for inflation, while the other valve is used to regulate pressure.

UV coating
Tumbling in your backyard is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. Some air tracks have a protective UV coating to reduce damage to the mat from the sun. We do not recommend leaving the mat in the sun for long periods of time, as even the UV coating only serves to prevent PVC from decomposing.

Directional markings
The task of staying centered while using the mat is not an easy one. Almost all air tracks have a very thick center line that runs along the entire length of the mat to aid in orientation. Some mats also have a cross line which divides the mat at the short center axis that marks the midpoint.

Additional accessories
Air Pump: If you want the mat to come with an accessory, it is an air pump. These air tracks require a lot of air pressure to provide adequate protection, and it can take a long time to achieve with a regular air pump. If you must purchase a pump separate from the air track, don't skimp. Choose a good quality and fast model. Carrying bag or tote: A carrying bag adds portability and storage convenience to the air track. The handles on the tote are an even greater benefit because they are easier to use once the mats are tightened and ready to go. Repair kit: Any inflatable tool or equipment is at risk of puncture. Always look for a mat that includes a repair kit. Most repair work can be done at home as long as you have the right tools (including a repair kit).

If you need to purchase an air track, feel free to stop by Kameymall to pick up a purchase.

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